Here are Some Useful Contacts for You — Courtesy ANC 1A

ANC 1A booth at the 2013 Columbia Heights Day.

ANC 1A booth at the 2013 Columbia Heights Day.

Even though the Soldiers’ Home Oktoberfest was cancelled due to the Federal shutdown over the weekend, it was still a very busy weekend. Perhaps the largest local event was Columbia Heights Day, which was not just focused at Tubman Elementary but also at various locations along 11th Street. This year, ANC 1A participated by having a booth, passing out informational flyers, and providing a refrigerator magnet with useful contacts for the community. We thought it would be helpful since not all problems can be solved by calling 311.

The ANC still has a lot of magnets for anyone who wants one.  We’ll have them available at our meeting on Wednesday, October 9th, and I’ll be bringing them with me to community meetings as well. So, if you want one of these, just let me know. One way or another, I’ll get you one.


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