Shooting at Park View Recreation Center

Crime-SceneLast night, September 29, 28, 2013, at approximately 8:30PM, a shooting occurred in front of the Park View Recreation Center.  Based on information I’ve been told, there was a private family gathering at the rec center, so there were a lot of people at the playground. One resident informed me that the shooting was a drive by, but I have yet to confirm that. The gun fire was apparently in two bursts.

MPD responded quickly and the entire block of Warder between Princeton and Otis places was taped off during MPD’s investigation.

Two females received non life-threatening injuries and were transported to local area hospitals for treatment.  The only lookout provided to MPD was for a black male armed with a handgun who was last seen fleeing in an older-model blue SUV.

Anyone with information regarding this crime is asked to call (202) 727-9099.


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13 Comments on “Shooting at Park View Recreation Center”

  1. JM Says:

    Really appalling and frustrating given the effort put into renovating the Rec Center over the last years. Unfortunately the police seem to turn a blind eye to the drug use, drinking, and partying there and in the neighborhing alleys. We need more proactive policing, even if it rubs some people the wrong way.

  2. park view resident Says:

    Kent, I believe we, as a community, need to follow up on this in force. This happened in a place where people expect to be safe; where they bring their children to play. This cannot go unanswered. What can we do as a group to make sure our elected officials and law enforcement does not let this happen again?

  3. mbk Says:

    We need to start with pot smoking that is going on regularly at the picnic tables. I can smell it the first minute I walk up there with my kid. Seems to me if DPR staff can’t even manage keeping open air drug use off the premises in broad daylight then they should all be fired. I want to know who was staffing the park on Saturday night when this “private” party was starting at 6pm. At this point, I think its safe to assume that the DPR staff must be in on the drug use. What a waste of money the City spent to fix up this park. I have lived in DC for 15 years in all kinds of neighborhoods and I have seen a lot but this is truly the first time I really feel unsafe in Park View. I have attended too many community meetings where the focus seems to be on making people feel good about themselves (eg sitting around in a circle and sharing) And absolutely no real problem solving. If you are walking around with a gun, dealing/using drugs at a playground, throwing trash all over the park, swearing and fighting in the park or on the corner then I don’t really care how you “feel”. I want you in jail or banned from the premises.

    • Kent Says:

      As an FYI, the Rec Center is only staffed until 4 p.m. on Saturdays. The grounds are open to the public until the Park Rangers close the gates at 9 p.m. Similarly, the rec center is unstaffed on Sundays. The Park Rangers open and close the gates on Sundays as well.

      • mbk Says:

        Good to know. As much I hate to shut the park down, clearly when its not staffed things get a bit out of control. There was full on buffet and grills going at 5:45 that I assumed it was a DPR sanctioned event. I know a lot of folks enjoy the park on saturday afternoons, myself included, but clearly these types of “private” parties are going unchecked and the drug use is out in the open. I don’t think anyone wants this for the park.

      • Sarah Says:

        It seems as though neighbors often take advantage of the Rec being closed to throw private parties without obtaining a permit. Over the summer I observed two private parties on Sundays an holidays, when the Rec was closed. One of the reasons why DPR requires a permit for private events is so they can ensure adequate cleanup and (presumably) adequate security. Not sure that parks staff could do anything to stop a shooting, but it may be possible to make our events safer by having stricter enforcement of the DPR permitting rules (perhaps criminals would be less bold with more city officials around). The biggest question I have is how to get better enforcement, becuase these events often happen when the Rec is closed. There is no hotline to call to verify whether an event is permitted, and I am not sure that you can just call 911 if you see people grilling in the park. Perhaps this is something we can bring to DPR.

        Also, having worked with the current site staff for about a year I don’t think its fair to say that they are “in on the drug use” in the sense that they are condoning or encouraging drug use in the park. We are really lucky to have had Craig Hughes in charge for a year and I hope people will stop by and chat with him if they have concerns about this.

      • Cliff Says:

        Sarah, historically there have been times when rec center staff was arrested for just that, but you are right not to judge current staff based on history. That said, why is drug use in the park always so prevalent? Why is it that I can cross Georgia Avenue and go to Raymond or Upsure and never experience the drugs but at Park View you usually do? Something is different and no one really seems to know the answer.

  4. Park View Resident Says:

    I myself do not think the staff of the recreation center have to put themselves in danger to address this. I think this needs to be a combined effort between the neighborhood residents and local ANC leaders, DC Government and law enforcement. We must organize and unify to show that we will not tolerate this. The Government must listen to our issues and work with law enforcement to protect our homes and our loved ones. There has to be a solution.

  5. Diane Says:

    We say a pool of dried blood at the corner of RCCR and Warder Streets yesterday and were wondering if it, along with other spots on the sidewalk on the west side of Warder north of the rec center are related to Saturday night’s shooting. We also noticed a distinct lack of police presence yesterday, which seemed odd, especially if the shooting was related to gang members who had crossed geographic lines (as rumored). At least a few of us are concerned that there might be efforts to retaliate if it’s true that turf issues were at stake.

  6. Diane Says:

    Oops, “saw” a pool of dried blood…

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