Historic Photos from Howard University’s Beginning

Below are two photographs of Howard University, both from the early 1870s, I believe, though they could be slightly earlier. Alexander Gardner is the photographer for both, and as he is reported to have given up photography in 1871, its a safe bet that they are no later than that.Howard University 1870 1

The one above shows Howard’s Old Main. the view is from the southeast. Old Main was designed by Rochester, N.Y., architect Henry R. Searle Jr. in 1867, who also created the master plan for the university grounds. If you look to the left of the building, you can see General Oliver Otis Howard’s house in the background. I’ve previously posted a photograph from the same period of that building as well.

Below is a view of Old Main (to the right) from the northwest — perhaps from General Howard’s house. To the left of the photo is Miner Hall. Both buildings have long ago been razed.

Howard University 1870 2

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One Comment on “Historic Photos from Howard University’s Beginning”

  1. Lisa Galiber Says:

    Wow. Great pics.

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