Visitor Parking Pass Program Update

Yesterday, DDOT issued the following press release relevant to the visitor parking pass program.  Last week, we learned that visitor passes would be mailed out to Ward 1 residents as they were last year. The important nugget from the press release is that the passes that expire at the end of September will remain valid through December of this year.

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Today the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) announced the following updates regarding the Visitor Parking Pass (VPP) Program:

  • The current 2012/2013 VPP will remain valid through December 2013.
  • Residents that do not have a VPP may obtain a parking pass at a police station or substation in the ward in which they reside.

The 2013/2014 VPP will be made available free of charge and only one pass will be provided per household.

About the Parking Pass Program

The VPP program is designed to allow guests of District residents to park for more than two hours on RPP zoned blocks.  A VPP is only valid during the hours of RPP enforcement and in the same RPP zone and ANC boundary as the residence.

Please Note:

District residents cannot use a VPP in lieu of registering their vehicles with the District Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  If residents who receive a pass have guests that stay overnight frequently, then the visitor should register their vehicle through the Registration of Out of State Automobile (ROSA) program once a Warning Citation is issued by DPW parking enforcement personnel.

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2 Comments on “Visitor Parking Pass Program Update”

  1. jcm Says:

    They’ve made a real mess of this situation. DDOT in general is the worst of the city agencies I deal with, so I guess it’s not terribly surprising, but it’s disappointing.

    When they didn’t have a viable replacement program by the beginning of summer they should have juts punted and extended the current program another year. Instead they left it to the last minute, and now my guests and I have to hope that parking enforcement gets the message.

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