Visitors Parking Passes to be Mailed Out Again This Year.

Residents of ANC 1A started receiving visitor parking passes on July 24th

Residents of ANC 1A started receiving visitor parking passes on July 24 last year.

There has been a lot of confusion with the Visitors’ Parking Passes this fall. Last year they were mailed to residents in Ward 1’s neighborhoods — in ANC 1A, 1B, and 1C for the first time — and they have been popular. In response to concerns that visitor passes might have been misused or sold by those that really didn’t need them, this year DDOT decided that when the current passes expired on September 30, 2013 that they would no longer automatically mail new passes to residents.  Instead, residents would be required to apply for a new pass through a “simplified, user-friendly method made available through DDOT.” However, a new process had not been developed, nor was it going to be in place before the expiration of the current passes.

This caused a lot of concern in the community. At yesterday’s DC Council session, Councilmember Bowser introduced an emergency measure that Councilmemer Grahams and others supported that retained the current system at this time. The measure passed and VPP placards will be mailed out as they are available.

Below is Councilmember Graham’s email announcing the outcome of yesterdays vote:

Dear Friends, there has been a lot of concern about what will happening with the Visitor Passes (VPP) set to expire on September 30.

The Council has just passed a new law that makes it clear that WHAT IS IN PLACE TODAY on VPP WILL REMAIN in place.

Thus, the Ward One visitor passes will again be mailed—as in the past– to Ward One residents without any need to apply for them.

The effective date of the current passes will continue until the new ones are issued.

Questions? Please email me.

I want to thank Councilmembers Bowser, Evans and Cheh for working with me on this!

Bests CM Jim Grahm

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