What’s Next for the Former Blue Banana

The former Blue Banana space at 3632 Georgia Ave., NW.

The former Blue Banana space at 3632 Georgia Ave., NW.

For the past few days, I’ve been having neighbor’s ask me if I was aware of the scuttlebutt that the Blue Banana was going to reopen as the Petworth Patio.  The short answer is yes. The longer answer is this:

I was first alerted on August 8th that a rumor was circulating in the area that a new “K Street Lounge”-type of establishment under the name Petworth Patio might be opening at 3632 Georgia Avenue. As nothing was definite — I chose not to post anything until I’d had a chance to meet with the new business operators and separate fact from fiction. I’m happy to report that I have met with the interested parties and have some actual facts.

Let’s start with the name. While Petworth Patio was an early contender for a relaunch, I can genuinely report that the operators are open to suggestions and have not settled on a name at this time. In fact, if you have an idea for a name post it below. I have to admit coming up with a good business name is hard.

Within the building, they are planning a significant remodel — something more low key and comfortable. Based on the (draft) plans I’ve seen, it appears that they may be increasing their seating. They also hope to increase their patio space (hence the initial thought of including Patio in a new name).

We also spent a good deal of time discussing food and the new team realizes that Blue Banana’s lack of food was a key flaw in the business plan. They are currently investigating multiple options to provide food in the new business — options that include possibly adding a kitchen to the space or providing a dedicated parking pad in the rear of the property for food truck service. There is also the possibility that the front of the building might get a facelift. I’m hopeful this will happen as the building has often struck me as being plain.

While there are still many details that are far from final, I can confirm that the people behind this space are the same folks behind Georgetown’s George and Glover Park’s Mason Inn.

I’ll post updates as details become available.

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14 Comments on “What’s Next for the Former Blue Banana”

  1. Park-what? Says:


  2. Cliff Says:

    How about the Park-View Petworth Middle-Georgia Avenue Patio? Kidding, but Park View Patio is every bit as good of a name, but gives the impression that you can see the Old Soldier Home, so what about just PVP Patio?

    They could also use a historic Georgia Avenue figures name, as in Chester’s Patio.

  3. dcrizzo Says:

    Please do not have a food truck pad. One of the Blue Banana’s food gimmicks was a group that came and grilled on the patio and it was almost never utilized. A dedicated menu and kitchen can go a long way.

  4. Dianne Says:

    So glad they are considering new food options. I wanted to like this place but the few times I went, the food was a big issue for me. Even just better small plate options and specials would work. As for the name – I like someone’s suggestion of PVP Patio, or how about just the The Patio? I agree they should also look to the neighborhood’s past for a good name. I hope they do well!

  5. Jose Says:

    Georgia Patio. It helps everybody out and gives a sense of pride for the corridor.

  6. K Says:

    PVP Patio is nice. I think if it does have patio in the name it will have to be the focal point which doesn’t seem like that is decided on yet. Thanks for talking to them Kent, it’s much better than speculation and rumors 🙂

  7. Aaron_on_Luray Says:

    Park view Patio or PVP Patio both sound good to me. There are still so many people who have no idea what/where Park View is. Also, you mentioned a facelift, but how about adding on a second floor roof deck similar to that of El Chuco. It’d be nice to see people using the bar/restaurant while walking along Georgia.

    • K Says:

      It does look like a second floor roof deck would make sense in that space if it was approved. Would also draw patrons in off the street

  8. Ryan Says:

    Since Wonderland and The Looking Glass Lounge are in the area I always thought it would be funny if someone opened up a place with a name in the same vein….The Rabbit Hole, Eat Me/Drink Me, The White Rabbit, Pig and Pepper, etc.

  9. Be Says:

    How about the Princeton place patio, park view patio, Abe’s (in honor of th former president’s route to the soldiers home), or 5 points patio (in reference to all the streets coming together).

  10. Max Says:

    Princeton & Otis

  11. michael Says:

    How about Georgia? Simple and sweet with a sense of place.

  12. […] is the name, which has finally been chosen. The new establishment will be called the York Patio (not the Petworth patio) — paying homage to former Park View businesses that have been located along the 3600 block […]

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