Nice to See Some Alley Maintenance Underway

New sand

New sand

Over the weekend, I noticed that the alley between the 700 block of Quebec and Princeton places was in the midst of a clean up and new sand. The alley, along with the other three between Georgia and Park Place, Rock Creek Church and Princeton, were renovated with new brick back in 2005 and 2009. While other alleys in the area have also been renovated since 2009, I know that others are still in need of attention. DDOT’s process is a methodical process that takes into account the condition of the alley as compared to other alleys in need and weighs their capacity for infrastructure repair in any given year.

My question to residents is: Which alleys in the area are in the worst shape? Are there any that are particularly bad when compared to the others in the neighborhood?

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7 Comments on “Nice to See Some Alley Maintenance Underway”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I think the alley behind Luray Pl and Park could use some attention. It has overgrown weeds everywhere and the bricks are popping up due to uneven pavement.

  2. LonneyMcBain Says:

    The alley between Otis and Princeton (700 block) is all broken up concrete…can we brick it/fix it so it matches the other alleys?

  3. José Says:

    I second the first comment. It looks like the alley leads to Sleepy Hollow or the Haunted Forest.

  4. pv_dogwalker Says:

    The alley shared by the 600 blocks of Princeton and Otis Pl could use some repaving and brick. The alley has all sorts of holes and uneven patches. Plus a high amount of glass and other debris can be found. If it were to be paved with brick as some of the other nearby alleys, I think residents would be more inclined to take care of it. Also, it would eliminate the sporadic need to patch holes, etc. What is the exact process for getting an alley repaved? Seems interesting that certain parts of Park View are paved and others are not.

  5. Keefer Says:

    The alley behind the 600 block of Keefer and Lamont is all cement. When DDOT comes through do they change the alley from cement to brick? I think the brick looks much better and is more historically accurate. if enough residents signed a petition could the alley be converted to brick?

  6. Stephen Bory Says:

    The alley on the 700 block between Park Rd and Newton Place is absolutely trashed. It’s very uneven, with potholes, weeds, standing water at all times. Obviously it hasn’t been taken care of in a long time, but I think if it was cleaned up and fixed, the neighbors would be much more likely to keep it up. In its current state though, no one seems to bother.

  7. Eva G. Says:

    I heard that they have experimented with “permeable” concrete in some alleys in DC (story on NPR). This would eliminate puddles/pools of water that attract mosquitoes. Does anybody know if this is still being tested or even rolled out on a larger scale? Our alley – between 700 blocks of Park Rd & Newton Pl – could very much use that!

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