It’s Official — Petworth Liquors NOT Moving to 3213 Georgia Avenue

Petworth Liquor has withdrawn their application to relocate across the street.

Petworth Liquors has withdrawn their application to relocate across the street.

I’ve finally been able to confirm with ABRA that Petworth Liquors officially withdrew their application to transfer their liquor license to the location of the Tibet Shop. As of July 11th, ABRA ceased processing the application to transfer Petworth Liquors Class A license from 3210 Georgia Ave., NW to 3213 Georgia Ave., NW. I’ve also noticed that the placards have been removed from 3213 Georgia.

This is a good opportunity to address two presumptions I’ve heard in relation to this proposed relocation and its opposition. The first is that Petworth Liquors was forced out. The other is that the store was only moving 45 feet across the street, so why would residents oppose the new location when they were ok with the old location.

Regarding being “pushed out”, the owner of the building and the business were one and the same, so Petworth Liquors was not renting space from someone else. I’ve known for about a year that the owner was open to selling his building, and around May of this year he did just that for around $2M. The new owner apparently has plans for the property that did not include a liquor store … so, Petworth Liquors needed to find a new location to continue their business. But, the decision to sell the property was theirs and theirs alone.

The attempt to relocate to the east side of Georgia was a trigger that many residents found unacceptable. This was not solely because it was 45 feet closer to their homes and in a more residential area, but rather (as voiced by some home owners on Keefer Place) because its current operation at 3210 Georgia — including loitering and public drunkenness — was deemed unacceptable at any location. By protesting the transfer of the license to a new location what was really being protested was Petworth Liquors continued operation in the neighborhood. With the transfer of the license to 3213 Georgia off the table, and the inability to remain at 3210 Georgia, the odds are good that wherever Petworth Liquors ends up moving it most likely will not be in Park View.

But all that said, its impossible to know for sure what Petworth Liquors’ long-term plans currently are. The only thing that can truly be done is watch and listen to see what’s next.

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7 Comments on “It’s Official — Petworth Liquors NOT Moving to 3213 Georgia Avenue”

  1. K Resident Says:

    This is great news!

  2. Keefer Says:


  3. K Resident Says:

    Great news!

  4. keeferisking Says:

    Kent, Thank you for the post. I heard from Bobby that they may be interested in buying the iHip Hop building and trying to move there. I think that would be a bad idea because the nieghbors would definateely protest that location too. But I guess we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

  5. Lisa Galiber Says:

    This is outstanding news!!! And the People have spoken….

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  7. […] When the business attempted to transfer their license and store across Georgia Avenue in 2013 to the east side of the street, there was significant opposition to that effort, leading the business owner to withdraw their application and stay at 3210 Georgia instead. […]

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