Park View Playground in Spring 1932

Bricks Litter Playground 1932
Here’s an image of the Park View Playground that was published in the Washington Times on April 29, 1932. It shows Edith Heeter, 12, of 3304 Park Place and Albert Jones, 10, of 3567 Warder Street, standing on a pile of bricks located roughly where the field house currently stands. According to an accompanying article in the Times, the work of improving the playground was started in December 1931 but not finished causing neighborhood children to play in the street or on the cramped school property.

Despite the impact on the neighborhood, work to improve the site was slow in the beginning. However, intense work was eventually scheduled to begin on Monday, May 2, 1932. That work included the construction of the brick field house which was described as a “model brick structure.” In addition to the field house, the improvements of the playground included a baseball diamond, basketball court, a tennis court, a horseshoe court, a wading pool and other playground fixtures, such as sea-saws, slides, sand piles, and the like.

The Park View Playground improvements were finally completed in September 1932.

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