Growler Station Coming to Lion’s Fine Wines & Spirits

Lion's, at 3614 Georgia Avenue.

Lion’s, at 3614 Georgia Avenue.

I’ve recently learned that Lion’s, located at 3614 Georgia Avenue, will be expanding their service to include a growler station.

In reaching out to Lion’s, I’ve been informed that the growler station has been ordered and is in the process of being constructed by a company in Austria. The current timeline is to have the station installed and ready for service around the middle of August. The station will have 20 taps on hand.

Growlers — refillable jugs usually coming in either 32 or 64-ounces — for take-away consumption is a realitively new occurance in D.C. and something that became possible about 6 months ago when the  D.C. Council made it legal for liquor stores, grocery stores, and brewpubs to sell them. D’Vines in Columbia Heights has been selling growlers since April of this year.

As I understand it, many specialty or craft beers are only available in kegs (rather than bottles or cans), and the ability to sell growlers allows customers a wider selection to choose from.

Overall, I have to say I’ve been impressed with how Lion’s has operated their business since they reopened last year. Not only have they continued to be responsive to their customers but they’ve also managed to run an attractive, welcoming, and clean establishment.

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4 Comments on “Growler Station Coming to Lion’s Fine Wines & Spirits”

  1. mbk Says:

    Good news. I agree that Lions has been good neighbor since their renovation. Now if Petworth Liquor would just clean up their act!

  2. Pworth Says:

    Completely insane. Can’t imagine those places will move anytime soon.

  3. […] Back in July I announced that Lion’s Fine Wines and spirits — located at 3614 Georgia Avenue — would be expanding their service to include a growler station. Well, installation of that station has finally begun. As originally planned, the station is to have 20 taps on hand. Below is a photo showing the work in progress and location of where the station will be. […]

  4. […] first learned that Lion’s would be installing a growler station in July 2013. Work began at the beginning of October. Lion’s has certainly come a long way since it closed […]

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