Update on Where Things Stand with Proposed Move of Petworth Liquors

Petworth Liquor, currently located at 3210 Georgia.

Petworth Liquor, currently located at 3210 Georgia.

As news of Petworth Liquors desire to transfer their license from 3210 to 3213 Georgia Avenue has trickled through the neighborhood, there has been an overwhelming reaction in opposition to this move. So, I thought I’d updated everyone on where things stand on this issue since my post on June 24th.

To start with, ABRA reposted the Notice of Public Hearing with hours that match Petworth Liquors’ current hours of operation per their Settlement Agreement. This also alters the dates for protest and hearings to the following:

  • Posting Date:                          June 28, 2013
  • Petition Date:                          August 12, 2013
  • Roll Call Hearing Date:          August 26, 2013

Because ANC 1A does not meet in August, they will be considering a Protest at their July 10th meeting. The Protest would be of the substantial change to the License, which in this case would be the transfer of the license to 3213 Georgia. To help facilitate community input on this issue, ANC 1A09 Commissioner Bobby Holmes has set up a survey where residents can state their position and leave comments on this issue (Click here to access the survey).

The next meeting of the Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force will also focus on Petworth Liquors. The meeting will be held on Monday, July 8th, at 7:00 p.m. at the ECAC, 733 Euclid St. NW.  The owner of Petworth Liquors will be attending the meeting as part of the community discussion on the proposed move of Petworth Liquor to 3213 Georgia Avenue.

Lastly, in an attempt to be as informed on the businesses history as possible, I asked ABRA for their Investigative History on Petworth Liquors. I’m supplying it below (click on link for reports, the May 2013 report was not yet available).

  1. 5/8/13: Case #13-CMP-00221, Settlement agreement
  2. 4/20/13: Case #13-CMP-00217, Settlement Agreement; Hours of sale and service for off-premises retail licensees. 6/5/13: The Board requested a Show Cause Hearing.
  3. 1/4/12: Case #12-CMP-00018, Voluntary Agreement, Go-Cups. 2/29/12: The Board referred to staff for settlement. (Secondary; Unlisted) 3/8/12: $250 fine paid.
  4. 1/25/07: Case #8381, Sale to minors.  8/8/07: A Show Cause Hearing resulting in a $3,500 fine; a 15 day suspension with 8 days stayed and 7 days served on 8/20/07-8/28/07. 10/9/07: Fine paid.
  5. 12/7/06: Case #8268, Sale to minors.  Same disposition as Case #8381.

Because Petworth Liquors’ Settlement Agreement dates to 2009, I was primarily interested in violations after that date. Even without having the case report from May 2013, I don’t think it is needed to get an accurate picture of how the business operates … but I was able to find out that the May violation (13-CMP-00221) for Petworth Liquors contains charges relating to an after-hour violation and public intoxication near the storefront.

Based on ABRA’s Investigate History, as well as residents’ concerns regarding public safety and crime, I find the request to transfer the license to the east side of Georgia Avenue — especially a site in close proximity to residential households — to be unsupportable if the business operates in the future the way it has in the past.

I hope residents will take the time to complete the survey Commissioner Holmes set up. I also hope they will attend either the July 8th meeting on Euclid Street or the July 10th ANC 1A meeting at Harriet Tubman so that they can publicly voice their positions on this position prior to the ANC vote.

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5 Comments on “Update on Where Things Stand with Proposed Move of Petworth Liquors”

  1. Angry Parakeet Says:

    I noticed that the proposed new location is not across from Mothership, which is good.

  2. K Says:

    The owner is “willing to work with the community and address their concerns”. Very interesting that now he needs something from the community he is willing but for years it has been a free for all and unsafe environment. I don’t buy his sudden community oriented approach, if he cared this would’ve happened a long time ago. For the record I oppose the existence of this store and not just the move.

    • K Resident Says:

      I am with you 100%. I also opposed the move entirely, I don’t believe for one minute that the owner had a sudden epiphany on how to run a liquor store without creating the hostile atmosphere he currently provides.

      Also, I am glad Bobby Holmes created the survey and I am hopeful the results show a majority opposition to the move that ultimately leads PL to find a location far away from here.

      Kent, thank you for the update and I will try to make it on the 10th.

  3. Angry Parakeet Says:

    Looks like the corner is getting ready for the move – this MORNING’S stabbing on 600 block of Morton.

  4. JP Says:

    I do not support Petworth Liquors or the move. They have not been good for the community. I think we need to encourage another business that is better for the community to rent the space occupied by the Tibet Shop. I also think the owner of the Tibet Shop should take responsibility for the fact that he or she has the power to rent to a business that the community supports and is choosing not to at the moment.

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