Checking out BlueWater’s 3642 New Hampshire Avenue Project

Knowing that there have been strong opinions — both pro and con — about BlueWater’s plans for 3612-3614 Park Place, I thought it would be helpful to check on the progress of their project at 3642 New Hampshire Avenue, NW (shown below). Overall, I think BlueWater’s work on their New Hampshire property is very successful. My only aesthetic suggestion would have been to find some way to retain the appearance of a full porch but completely understand the desire to bring more sunshine into the interior.

I find that the  new windows are nice and appear to be superior to many replacement windows one commonly finds in a renovated house. They also retain the six-over-one configuration that was commonly found in the original fenestration of our housing stock and which is often lost when they are replaced. This project will also contain two 2-level living units.

From the street, even with modifications to the height of the attic level, I find the design is still compatible to the existing row.

3642 New Hampshire Ave. (center) with renovations in progress.

3642 New Hampshire Ave. (center) with renovations in progress.

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3 Comments on “Checking out BlueWater’s 3642 New Hampshire Avenue Project”

  1. Cliff Says:

    All of those houses on RCCR that were chopped up into 3 apartments in the 60’s look historically accurate as well. to me, it’s not about how it looks but it’s impact on the type of neighborhood. Two house to six has ramifications that go far beyond aesthetics.

  2. Alice Says:

    Is Bluewater the developer? I think they only proved financing

  3. Angry Parakeet Says:

    My rowhouse front has a 2/3 wide front porch and as you said it is very nice to have the extra light option, especially since my whole front is shaded by a massive lovely oak and redbud.

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