Park View Among D.C.’s Transitioning Neighborhoods, Study Reports

Gentrifyine thumbnailBoth the Washington Business Journal and DCist reported yesterday that a draft report was filed with a city tax review board that identified 18 District neighborhoods as gentrifying, or transitioning. The method employed in the analysis used the following criteria:

  1. In 2001, if the neighborhood has a median property and federal adjusted gross income values below the respective citywide medians; and,
  2. And from this subset of neighborhoods, identify which of these grew faster (in median property and income values) than the relative income and home values in the city.

In reviewing the paper’s neighborhood map (click on thumbnail above), it is quickly evident that the report identified neighborhood “areas” rather than true neighborhoods, thus indicating that there are more than 18 Washington neighborhoods in transition. For instance, the Columbia Heights node includes Park View, Pleasant Plains, and Ward 4’s North Columbia Heights area. But regardless of the actual neighborhood boundaries or how many neighborhoods are impacted, the overall map does paint a picture of a significant portion of the city in transition.

According to the report, neighborhoods in transition tended to have younger populations, with the people moving into them tending to be more prosperous. Race did not appear to be a major factor in neighborhood gentrification overall, with some neighborhoods, such as Deanwood or Marshall Heights, being over 90% black both in 2000 and today.

The 18 neighborhoods identified in the paper are:

  • Anacostia
  • Barry Farms
  • Brentwood
  • Brookland
  • Chillum
  • Columbia Heights
  • Congress Heights
  • Deanwood
  • Eckington
  • Fort Dupont Park
  • H Street NE
  • Ledroit Park
  • Lily Ponds
  • Marshall Heights
  • Petworth
  • Randle Heights
  • 16th Street Heights
  • Trinidad
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2 Comments on “Park View Among D.C.’s Transitioning Neighborhoods, Study Reports”

  1. JS Says:

    Ken –

    What are you referring to when you say “Ward 4’s North Columbia Heights area?” As far as I know no part of Columbia Heights is in Ward 4.

  2. Hi, I’m really glad I found your blog. I’m very interested in urban neighborhoods and have enjoyed reading through your old posts. Looking forward to future posts!

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