Parking Management: Here’s Another Option for Those Not on an RPP Block

Enhanced parking sign limiting parking to area residents only.

Enhanced parking sign limiting parking to area residents only.

Here’s a detail about parking in the neighborhood that I recently discovered. When ANC 1A voted to support the Enhanced Residential Parking Program that was later implemented last year, it actually included an option that allows residents living within ANC 1A (and most likely ANCs 1B & 1C) who live on blocks that are not currently in the RPP program to register their addresses in the system. The result is that the next time one gets a registration sticker for their car it will have “Zone 1” on it instead of “No RPP”.

While this will probably not impact many households, we do still have a few streets in the community that are not part of the RPP program. But for those living on those blocks, if they have a vehicle they now have the option to get a parking sticker that will allow them to park on Zone 1 blocks if/when their blocks have no parking spots. However, if they do live on a block that constantly fills up, it would still be worthwhile to consider petitioning to be included in the RPP program.

In any event, its nice to have options.

For more details, you can contact your ANC Commissioner. A list of 1A Commissioners with contact information can be found here.

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10 Comments on “Parking Management: Here’s Another Option for Those Not on an RPP Block”

  1. Erika B. Says:

    This is terrific news for Manor Place, thanks Ken!

  2. Chris Says:

    OMG!!!!! This is amazing! I live on one of those unzoned blocks and we have talked about trying to get it zoned. I’m not sure our block itself would have passed muster with the city requirements for RPP, but being surrounded by blocks that are almost all RPP has made life difficult. This solves our problem. Thank you!!!

    • Kent Says:

      Just shoot me an email with your address and I can request that it be input into the system.

      • Chris Says:

        Hi Kent,

        I hope you put this information in the Park View News. I’ve been telling a few folks on Manor, but haven’t been able to tell everyone and I’m sure many are interested.


  3. JQ Says:

    Great information – thanks Kent!

  4. mike Says:

    Maybe I’m in the minority, but I think that the restricting parking is an extremely misguided and selfish idea. I know its a hassle when I have friends over, and it is street parking, public street parking. I don’t know, I feel it very unneighborly to have such restrictions

  5. julesonprinceton Says:

    I was on the fence about the RPP program but am happy now after seeing it in practice. Given that its only one side of the street till 8:30pm M-F, it doesn’t seem to be unreasonable. For guests, you have a visitor pass (although the argument could be made for an allotment of 2/household) and public transit (way better than filling up the block with visitor cars).

  6. […] issues related to DDOT’s Residential Parking Permit program. In addition to being able to register your address in the DMV RPP database should you not live on a block with RPP, I’ve been having residents on some of our few […]


    Parking Management: Here’s Another Option for Those Not on an RPP Block | Park View, D.C.

  8. kbmazucena7542.wikidot.Com

    Parking Management: Here’s Another Option for Those Not on an RPP Block | Park View, D.C.

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