Do You Enjoy Living in the Park Morton Neighborhood?

The Park Morton neighborhood in the 2013 WDCEP Neighborhood Profiles publication.

The Park Morton neighborhood in the 2013 WDCEP Neighborhood Profiles publication.

If you live within a half mile radius of 640 Morton Street, NW, the Washington DC Economic Partnership (WDCEP) thinks you live in the Park Morton neighborhood, at least according to their 2013 Neighborhood Profiles publication (see full listing here). Sadly, like last year, when it comes to the Park View community the Washington DC Economic Partnership again missed the mark and got everything wrong. Last year, when they released their 2012 profiles, they completely erased Park View from the publication. After meeting with the WDCEP folks last year, they corrected the mistake by including Park View in the Petworth/Park View listing since its focus area radiated out from the Georgia Avenue Metro station.

This year, WDCEP has again included Park View in the Petworth/Park View heading of that section … but the entire profile promoting the area only describes and highlights Petworth. It seems to me that its time for WDCEP to straighten this out once and for good. The Petworth neighborhood profile does not need to include Park View in the heading since nothing in the profile is about Park View … and as there is no such neighborhood as Park Morton, simply correct that heading to Park View and, as the profile does, promote the Park View neighborhood.

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10 Comments on “Do You Enjoy Living in the Park Morton Neighborhood?”

  1. Alice Says:

    Yes! Keep Park View out of Petworth!

  2. James Says:

    Not sure why they didn’t do corridors instead. Though I’m more than happy to get bunched in with our neighbors to the south – as a South Petworthite, I feel a lot more affinity to Park View than to Missouri Ave.

  3. mbk Says:

    I don’t know why they keep getting this wrong. Other than CM Bowser does not want Park View associated with Petworth (Like on the metro name). Never heard of Park Morton as a neighborhood either. Maybe we need banners on GA Avenue light posts that specifically say “PArk View”–so there is no mistaking it.

  4. Cliff Says:

    Personally, I think it is critical to keep Park View on the map as Park View. The name links us to the Old Soldiers Home, it’s open grounds, and the history of Lincoln

  5. pru Says:

    That’s ridiculous! Renaming an entire neighborhood by the name of one housing development, and then sticking the actual neighborhood name under a different neighborhood’s map and description. That brochure isn’t supposed to be a work of fiction; a non-profit can’t redefine neighborhoods!

    Maybe someone can inform me as to why a non-profit organization would be needed to “lure retailers into the district” these days, anyway. I don’t really understand what that group is or why it exists.

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