Sorting Out Georgia Avenue Parking

Before the Georgia Avenue Streetscape project, the area just south of Otis Place was a dedicated bus stop.

Before the Georgia Avenue Streetscape project, the area just south of Otis Place was a dedicated bus stop (oval). Today the bus stop is to the north (diamond).

As I was reviewing area parking back in February to determine where Zipcar could expand in the community, I noticed that there were some areas on Georgia Avenue that could support metered parking that had signage indicating that no parking was allowed. In some cases, signage was completely missing. One of those locations was on the southeast corner of Georgia and Otis Place, NW.

In looking into the situation deeper, I discovered that the southeast corner of Georgia and Otis has originally been a Metro bus stop. However, the recent streetscape project moved that bus stop to the northeast corner of the intersection when they rebuilt the crosswalks to the south. So, at the beginning of March I contacted DDOT to evaluate this location — along with a few others — to remove the bus stop restrictions at the former bus stop location and return the parking space to active usage.

Yesterday, I finally received confirmation from DDOT that at least one more space on the east side of Georgia Avenue (south of Otis) is appropriate. Furthermore, DDOT tells me that there are also 3-4 block faces of unmetered parking around this location that need to be reviewed and shop orders created.

While I have DDOT’s attention, does anyone know of any other Georgia Avenue parking issues that DDOT should investigate?

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3 Comments on “Sorting Out Georgia Avenue Parking”

  1. Jason Says:

    Actually, I believe this corner is an extreme safety hazard when cars park there. They obstruct the view of northbound traffic on Georgia Avenue. I have previously alerted DDOT to no avail. If parking is allowed there, it needs to be set back from the corner. I am very concerned with this, as I use the intersection often to make a left onto Georgia.

  2. Ryan Says:

    A left on Georgia headed north is probably an extreme safety hazard anyway unless you’re at a stop light…and even then tough with the pedestrian traffic.

    • Jason Says:

      Not going North. Have to jut my car into roadway to see if northbound traffic is coming due to cars parked on Georgia right up to the corner. If they are set back, you can see that northbound traffic sufficiently before attempting left when southbound lane is open. I now avoid the intersection when possible.

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