Park View’s Mothership Gets Favorable Review in the Washington Post

I've enjoyed the Mussels time and again at Mothership.

I’ve enjoyed the Mussels time and again at Mothership.

Earlier today, the Washington Post published  review of Mothership titled, The $20 Diner: Mothership is Park View’s new refueling zone. It’s a great review and well worth the read if you haven’t had the opportunity to dine there yet. I especially like that one of Carman’s central points is one I’ve been saying since before Mothership opened — which is:

When critics pick apart food trucks, they often focus on congested streets and kitchen cleanliness — as if there weren’t a single public servant devoted to these issues — while glossing over the larger business-incubator implications of the mobile vendors. Mothership, chef Stephan Boillon’s brick-and-mortar expansion of his El Floridano truck, is a prime example of how a small street operator can, in short order, become a grounded and gratifying member of the community.

Mothership is one of two brick-and-mortar food truck expansions that I know of in our general area. Like Carman, I agree that “[t]he city should make sure to nurture these kinds of projects, from food truck to full-service eatery.” It helps small businesses grow in the city, and without this avenue to build business we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the great restaurant Mothership has already proven to be.

So read the review, and consider giving Mothership a try. Chances are you’ll go back time and again.


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2 Comments on “Park View’s Mothership Gets Favorable Review in the Washington Post”

  1. Dianne L.C. Says:

    @Kent – I was so glad to see this review! This restaurant is a great addition to our community. We love going there and I hope it becomes one of the cornerstones of continuing positive development in our little section of the city.

  2. Sarah Says:

    We went for the first time last weekend! I got the Kale salad, which was really good and very hearty. I also ordered the “sweet and sour” lentils. I was a bit suspicious of the title at first, but they tasted amazing!

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