Mothership Begins Brunch Service Tomorrow

Mothership, located at 3301 Georgia Ave., NW -- in the heart of Park View.

Mothership, located at 3301 Georgia Ave., NW — in the heart of Park View.

Starting tomorrow, April 27th, Mothership will begin serving brunch. According to information Mothership posted on Twitter and their Facebook page, brunch will be served on Saturdays and Sundays between the hours of 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. The owners have also provided their brunch menu (see below).

Weekend brunch was reintroduced to Park View by DC Reynolds in July 2012. Looking Glass Lounge quickly followed suit as did  Chez Billy. Mothership becomes the latest addition to restaurants  offering brunch in the Park View neighborhood. It is also the first Georgia Avenue business in the area with alfresco dining on Georgia Avenue (rather than in a patio behind the building).

After reading through the Mothership menu, I look forward to multiple visits so I can experience several of the dishes.


Simple Salad of Mixed Greens, Cotija Cheese & Red Wine Vinaigrette  4.5

“My Mom’s” Albacore Tuna Salad, Kernel Corn, Celery, Grape Tomatoes
and Red Wine Vinaigrette  8

Wheat Berry & Quinoa Salad with Grape Tomatoes, Cauliflower
and Green Goddess Dressing  8

Maine Salmon “Dread Lox” House Cured in Jamaican Rum, Thyme, Allspice & Scotch Bonnet served with Pumpernickel  14

2 Eggs over Veggie Hash with Hollandaise  9

Veggie Frittata with Swiss Chard, Fingerling Potatoes, Onions, Tomatoes & Fontina Cheese served with a side salad  8

Lechon Frittata with Onions, Fingerlings and side salad  10

Classic Eggs Benedict with Edwards Virginia Ham, served with Home Fries & side salad 10

2 Eggs en Cocotte with Bacon, Potatoes, Cream & Truffle with side salad  10

Cuban Monte Cristo Sandwich, Virginia Ham, Roast Pork & Swiss Cheese Griddled
served with Side Salad  12

 HaHaHaHalf Smoke in a Blanket with Tasso Gravy & Side Salad  10

Steak & Eggs & Eggs, Grilled Hanger Steak, Poached Egg & Béarnaise served with Home Fries & Side Salad  14

Freakin Pancake Sandwich, 3 Whole Wheat Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon or Sausage & Bourbon Maple Syrup  12

Baked Dutch Baby Pancake with Elderflower Syrup, Powdered Sugar & Lemon  9

Brioche French Toast with Maple Mascarpone & Fresh Fruit 9

3 Whole Wheat Pancakes with Bourbon Maple Syrup & Fresh Fruit  8


Home Fries 3  Creamy Grits n Tasso Gravy 4  One Egg any way 1

French Toast  4.5  Two Whole Wheat Pancakes n Syrup  4

Bacon  4  Sausage 4

Brunch Drinks
$28 bottle of Champagne with bottomless mixers for
Mirabelle Plum or Strawberry Bellinis & Calamansi Mimosas
Garlic & Basil Bloody’s
GA Ave. Tea, MoShi Iced Coffee
Red & White Sangria
$19.99 Pitchers of Guava Daiquiri’s or Margaritas


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