A Promising Sign for the 600 b/o Newton Place, NW

619 Newton Pl, NW.

619 Newton Pl, NW.

Here’s a promising sign for the 600 block of Newton Place, NW. The vacant property at 619 Newton has been completely fenced in. Those familiar with the property will know that the property generally has a lot of loitering associated with it. It’s also been a property that MPD has known to be a problem in the past.

The property last sold on October 5, 2012, for $225,000. I’m not entirely sure it’s habitable based on the amount of repair it needs to the rear section of the structure. In checking DCRA building permit applications I wasn’t able to find anything recent for this property. I’m hopeful that the fencing will lead to more than merely securing the property — but even that is a step in the right direction.


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5 Comments on “A Promising Sign for the 600 b/o Newton Place, NW”

  1. Angry Parakeet Says:

    I can’t quite tell – are the two co-joined houses and a vacant lot all fenced and addressed 619? So we can look forward to the houses and lot being developed?

  2. baw Says:

    the house on the right is occupied and in good shape. the house on the left is not. I think there is also a lot next to the house on the left. There are three properties in total, I think. The house on the left and the vacant lot are separate properties – if you look in the DC property database there are actually two properties with the address 619.

  3. SteveChuPeaches Says:

    Shame on the district for allowing owners to sit on properties for immense amounts of time, as they lie vacant and blighted.

    As of October 3, 2013DCRA Vacant and Blight List FY 2013

    RVP1301432 VACANT CLASS 3 – 619 NEWTON PL NW

    This house has been blighted and unused, surrounded by police-installed fencing and with a every window broken and partially boarded up. (DCRA is not allowed to board up upper story windows)
    I’ve called DCRA every month asking them to put it on the blighted list. They never do. The property owners sold the property 1 year ago, blighted at the time, and the new owners have never lifted a finger. Fencing was installed by the police to stop people from loitering on the property.

    DCRA needs to be much less forgiving on property owners who claim that they are doing work on a property and want extensions. This property is a clear example of manipulation of their system by unscrupulous landlords hoping to speculate on appreciate of the land underneath them.

    Park View, and other changing, historically marginalized, parts of DC are highly vulnerable to this kind of purchases. Speculators buy up a property, holding of vacant and blighted buildings in the hopes that the values will rise. But it hurts the neighborhood and is a clear example of a market failure that DC needs to address more aggressively. They need to make sitting on property prohibitively expensive.

    DC Vacant and Blighted list – http://1.usa.gov/1d0z2k9

  4. […] former blighted property is coming along. It’s taken a while to get this property moving. In April 2013 it was finally fenced off indicating that construction was on the horizon. However, permits for the current development were […]

  5. […] long been a troubled property. For the last couple of years, it was vacant and blighted. When it finally looked like it would be developed a year and a half ago, progress was slow. After much of the building was demolished, a Stop Work […]

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