Some Highlights from Mayor Gray’s Ward 1 Budget Town Hall Meeting

If you were not able to attend Mayor Gray’s Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Town Hall Meeting for Ward One last week, I thought it would at least be good to make the Mayor’s PowerPoint presentation available. I’m sure that in going through the 33 slides there will be many areas of interest. Keeping in mind that the presentation was at a relatively high level, there were two areas that I wanted to draw out for the community.

The first was the continued renovation of the Park View School building. According to slide 25, the next phase of modernization is scheduled for FY 2018 with a budget of $6.6 million. At this time I am uncertain if this is the second or final phase of the modernization. Originally, phase two was scheduled for FY 2016, but the 2012 phase one work far exceeded the normal scope of a normal phase one modernization. Clearly there is more clarification needed here, but it is encouraging to see that the city is keeping its commitment to the school.

FY 14 Budget Schools

During the question and answer portion of the meeting, 1A Commissioner Dotti Love Wade specifically asked if the city was going to rebuild an elementary school on the Bruce-Monroe property at Irving and Georgia Avenue. On this issue, Mayor Gray responded that the District has no intention of building a new school on that site.

In addition to school improvements, another budgetary focus that will impact every resident is a planned five-year replacement plan for all of the City’s Supercans. The District is also planning to eliminate fees for the replacement of damaged or stolen cans and is seeking a design that will make the cans more rat proof.

FY 14 Budget Trash

While I’m sure there will be many other parts of the budget that will positively impact the community, the improvements to trash cans and schools jumped out for comment.


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2 Comments on “Some Highlights from Mayor Gray’s Ward 1 Budget Town Hall Meeting”

  1. Lisa Galiber Says:

    Thank you very much for attending and passing along the information! I’m so grateful for your comprehensive updates on the neighborhood.

  2. […] the Bruce-Monroe @ Park View school are no longer reflected in the five-year projection. During the FY14 Budget Town Hall meeting, it was learned that the remaining modernization schedule for the school had slipped from […]

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