So, Where Are All the District’s Construction Cranes

At nearly every major speaking opportunity, like the Mayor’s recent State of the District address, the number of construction cranes is mentioned as an indicator of a vibrant, growing Washington. That got me wondering just where all these cranes are. So I reached out to the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning & Economic Development and learned the following.

Currently there are 50 active tower cranes in D.C. at 29 construction sites. While most sites only have one tower crane, a few have two or three cranes. The Blue Plains construction site, however, has twelve. I created the map below to graphically show tower crane distribution in D.C. Locations are approximate (based on address) and I’ve color coded the sites based on the number of cranes — yellow (1), green (2) and purple (3).

Depending on the rate of development, I plan to revisit this map in six to twelve months.


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4 Comments on “So, Where Are All the District’s Construction Cranes”

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