Gee’s Market Caught Selling KHAT and Unauthorized Cigarettes

GeeMktAs I’m sure many residents in the community already know, Gee’s Market (located at Warder and Otis Pl, NW) was busted for selling KHAT as well as unauthorized cigarettes over the weekend. With Gee’s located directly across the street from both the Bruce Monroe @ Park View Elementary School and the Park View Recreation Center, this news is particularly troubling.

To put this event in greater context, last year following another issue with Gee’s I requested a copy of ABRA’s investigative history on the business and was given the following:


  1. 1/3/12:  Case #12-CMP-00066, Intoxicated patrons; Sale to minors or intoxicated persons.
  2. 9/22/11: Case #11-CC-00073, Sale to minor on 8/20/11; No ABC manager on duty. 10/26/11: The Board requested a Show Cause Hearing. 2/29/12: The Board scheduled a Show Cause Hearing for 4/11/12.
  3. 7/23/10: Case #10-CMP-00524, Posting and carrying of Licenses, legible lettering, Citation #2395, Warning.
  4. 1/21/10: Case #10-CC-00023, Sale to Minor on 1/2/10. 3/17/10: The Board determined a Letter of Warning to be sent and referred to the staff for settlement for No ABC Manager on duty charge. 11/10/11: $250 fine paid.

The outcome of the January 3rd violation was that the ABC Board accepted an Offer in Compromise on a charge of Sale to Minor for Gee’s Market.  Gee’s paid a $2,000 fine and had its license suspended for five days.

I have reached out to ABRA to see how the events of this past weekend will impact Gee’s but have not yet had a response. The full MPD 3D announcement is below:

During this past weekend, members of the Third District’s Crime Suppression Unit conducted a robbery prevention operation that brought them to the areas surrounding the 3500 block of Warder Street. The officers were able to observe activity that led them inside of “GEE Market” located at 3583 Warder. Further investigation led to the discovery and seizure of approximately 50 pounds of KHAT as well as several cartons of cigarettes not authorized to be sold in the District of Columbia. As a result, there were numerous arrests and the investigation will continue on. Thanks to any and all the citizens that provided useful information relating to this case. Anyone with additional information relating to this matter or any other suspicious activity is encouraged to call (202) 727-9099.


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10 Comments on “Gee’s Market Caught Selling KHAT and Unauthorized Cigarettes”

  1. JS Says:

    The DC Fish Carryout on 14th NW was closed as a result of drug dealing occuring at the business. Any chance something similar could happen here? From what I’ve read, Gee’s is not a particularly good neighbor.

  2. Fancy Feast! Says:

    I have not seen the infamous green cud that khat produces since I was in Kenya. Isn’t it basically slow acting caffeine? Why are people acting like it’s some kind of sinister drug? btw you have to love the villainous image of the average kaht chewer…

    • Lolly 716 Says:

      I agree. I have a much bigger problem with the sale of alcohol to minors than this. It might be easy to try and use this as a rallying cry to shut Gee’s down, but that seems misplaced and insensitive.

  3. Lanisa Says:

    It seems to me that illegal substances anywhere but especially in such close proximity to youth facilities are bad business, no matter their potency. This is a good bust and a good warning for other shady establishments.

  4. e35 Says:

    I walked by yesterday late afternoon and Gee’s was open (lights on, open sign on, door unlocked and someone walking inside). I was surprised that the response wasn’t to immediately shut it down until they could figure out what was going on given the severity of what seemed to have occurred – “multiple arrests”?

  5. Legal Says:

    Go up to D&B’s Deli on Georgia and you’ll find some real easy pickings for drugs

  6. MB Says:

    I was surprised to seem them still open as well. I hope they at least have to shut down for a few days. It doesn’t really matter if Khat is minor compared to other issues, if its illegal then they should not be doing it. Gees acts with impunity and at this point should be shut down for good.

  7. FGees Says:

    Revoke their license to do business. And as a resident I will definitely be boycotting this establishment.

  8. Sharon Brown Says:

    Gee’s Market has a long history of sterling service to the community dating back to the early sixties! It is a shame that these new owners are damaging the good name of this community icon. The original owners were beloved and good citizens whom many of us knew from childhood to adulthood and remember fondly!

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