Zipcar Looking to Expand in Park View

ZipcarOne item that came up at this month’s ANC 1A meeting was a presentation by Scott Hall, General Manager of Zipcar in Washington, who spoke about Zipcar’s interest in expanding  service in the Park View area. Zipcar’s interest in the area is based on the increase in demand from customers. In looking at the Zipcar map of the area (below), I would have to agree that Park View is under-served. Providing more transportation options, especially car sharing, would be a huge asset.

Zipcar would like to locate two cars within a few blocks to the south of the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro station on the street. Ideally, these would be spaces that are currently metered so that no RPP parking is impacted. When asked if he had any locations in mind, Mr. Hall initially stated that they were looking in the area of Quebec Place and Georgia, but definitely would consider any location based on community feedback and needs. I made it clear that the intersection of Quebec and Georgia would not be a location supported by the community, but that other nearby locations could work.

So, here is your opportunity. Based on your experience and knowledge of streets, where would Zipcar work best? Also, are two cars enough for Park View residents? Should cars also be located to the south of the community? The more you share the better served we’ll be by Zipcar.

Map showing location of Zipcars currently in the area.

Map showing location of Zipcars currently in the area.


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17 Comments on “Zipcar Looking to Expand in Park View”

  1. Kingston Says:

    According to the map of current zipcars, seems like Lamont or Morton and Georgia would be filling the void better. Quebec and Georgia seems too far north and too close to current locations.

  2. Kent Says:

    While Zipcar is looking to add a couple of cars, we can probably get them to add even more. So, I don’t think this is a one location vs. another location situation. We can probably get them to consider multiple locations. I agree that Lamont//Morton has a void.

  3. K Says:

    I agree the obvious is Lamont or Morton..maybe even Park? It is a good thing that they are looking to expand in PV now if we could only get Capital Bikeshare to provide a station in that void we’d be all set!

  4. K Says:

    Are there spots available at the gas station at Park and GA?

  5. Kyle Says:

    Why would the community not support a location at Quebec and Georgia? I’m part of the community and a regular Zipcar user, and frequently walk to Georgia and Quincy to pick up a car. Quebec would be closer, so I would love to see one there.

    Or even better, how about the metered spots on the southeast corner of Georgia and Otis in front of the proposed condo building with no parking? Seems like a perfect fit.

    • Lolly 716 Says:

      I agree regarding the metered spots at the south east corner of Ga & Otis– good for metro access, good for new building, good for bars between otis & princeton.

    • Kent Says:

      Quebec and Georgia is problematic. Residents on that street already have difficulty parking. It is zoned 1/4 which means all RPP residents in Ward 1 & 4 can park there … and there is a church right there which needs more parking that is available. So, taking away two RPP spots isn’t good policy. There are other locations nearby that would work better.

      • Kyle Says:

        Thanks for the clarification Kent. I understand the concern. I certainly agree with your comment that there are other locations nearby that will be great. However, at a location one block from Metro, prioritizing individual car ownership over shared car usage will only increase parking issues. The more you incentivize individual car ownership and make it more cumbersome for those that might consider using Zipcar, the more cars will be fighting for a fixed number of parking spaces on the street. The church parking will continue to be an issue, but losing one or two spots is not going to have a large impact, especially to the detriment of those who are in the community seven days a week.

      • JS Says:

        The church does not need more parking. It’s a block from the metro. We shouldn’t be creating more single-user parking spots in that location. Like Kyle said below, it’s crazy to promote personal vehicle use at a location so close to the Metro.

        I’m suprised that more residents on that block don’t park behind their houses, as both sides of the street have alley access.
        Perhaps a better idea would be to remove the 1/4 designation and make it a zone 1-only location. This will stop people from driving from Ward 4, parking on the street, and then taking Metro elsewhere.

        Finally, I’m a member of the community and I support a Zipcar station at Quebec & Georgia.

  6. Nathan Says:

    I agree with the notion of using Georgia and Morton as a Zipcar location. The metered spots on Morton are often empty and could be a convenient spot for Park View residents.

  7. julesonprinceton Says:

    The spots between Quebec Pl and Princeton are heavily used. Especially by the church members and parking is already tight on the residential streets. I can’t say I support this location.

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