Another Great Resource for Millwork

Poplar casings, newly milled on the right, original on the left.

Poplar casings, newly milled on the right, original on the left.

Renovating an old house has its challenges. One that is common is getting new casings for windows or doors when the old casings are damaged or to frame out a new opening. While Smoot Lumber is a great local resource, it has been my experience that many of their casings stylistically match the woodwork found on Capital Hill. I’ve yet to find an affordable Washington area resource for new millwork that matches what’s in my house … until now.

I have recently found a regional resource that is fantastic and within driving distance. Hicksville Planing Mill is located just west of Hagarstown, Maryland, and if you need a nearby and affordable place to have new casings milled this is a great resource. They have a lot of woodworking knives and already had one that matched my house’s casing style. If they don’t have a knife already made, it will cost about $80 to have them make one. For my order, the cost of having new casings and base cap milled out of poplar ended up costing about $1.64 a linear foot overall.

I also found a blog post about someone else’s good experience there which can provide more information on the services they provide. But the bottom line is, if you want to know more about them, you’ll need to call them at (301) 842-3474. The owners and workers are Mennonites, so there are no Webpages  to check out or email addresses available.


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5 Comments on “Another Great Resource for Millwork”

  1. Cliff Says:


    Your prior recommendations have helped me out. I was able to locate my molding thru Smoot

  2. Angry Parakeet Says:

    The cove that is just south of the Wilson Bridge (now mega National Harbor) used to be named Smoot cove for the lumber family.

  3. Superb! This is just everything what I was expecting to hear… Two thumbs up! Great post!

  4. saf Says:

    Have you looked at Galliher and Huguley? I’ve found some good house pieces there.

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