Highlights from January 2013 ANC1A Meeting

ANC1A logoAs there was no December ANC 1A meeting and since the official minutes from last night’s meeting won’t officially be distributed until next month, I wanted to write this brief post on the major points from last night’s meeting.

The new officers for 2013 are:

  • Thomas Boisver, Chair;
  • Laina Aquiline, Vice Chair;
  • Kent Boese, Secretary; and,
  • Patrick Flynn, Treasurer

There was a presentation on the proposed DC USA parking garage pilot program. Under the current proposal religious organizations, non-profits, and community based organizations will be allowed to park at DC USA on Sundays at a reduced rate of $3.00 for 4 hours between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. The normal rate is $5.00 for 4 hours. This pilot project is still under review with no set start date — but the presenter indicated that it could begin in as little time as a month. I’ll provide more information on this as it becomes avaialble.

There were four items under official business — all of them BZA applications. The were:

  • BZA Application #18489 — The V at Georgia Avenue (back ground of the project here). The application was supported with a unanimous vote.
  • BZA Application #18490 — Petco at the DC USA (more about this here). This also received a unanimous vote of support.
  • BZA Application #18500 — 2914 Sherman Avenue (see facade drawing below). This project plans to add a floor to the building in a very similar manner to the one that was added to 2922 Sherman Avenue. There was concern among some Commissioners about the affordability of the condos planned for the building (which are to be market rate). This application received approval of the ANC with 6 votes in support, 3 votes in opposition, and 1 abstention.
  • BZA Application #18511 — 1018 Irving Street. This project is the alley project between Sherman, Irving, 11th, and Columbia Rd. This project also was supported with 8 votes in support and 2 abstentions.

2914 Sherman Avenue(Rendering of facade for renovated 2914 Sherman Avenue)


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2 Comments on “Highlights from January 2013 ANC1A Meeting”

  1. […] briefly mentioned the coming renovations for 2914 Sherman Avenue last week when posting the highlights from the January ANC 1A meeting. I thought it would be good to provide more information on this project since it will have a huge […]

  2. […] finally get to park in the garage at DC USA for a reduced rate. A pilot program to do just this was presented before ANC 1A back in January 2013. Since then, there had been no updates. But, after doggedly requesting updates on this pilot I was […]

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