3205 Georgia Working Through the Permitting Process, Could Begin Soon

Rough sketch of building coming to 3205 Georgia Ave.

Rough sketch of building coming to 3205 Georgia Ave.

The 5-story apartment building planned for 3205 Georgia Avenue is getting closer to reality. On December 20th, the building permit was applied for and it is currently working its way through the review process. Details of this project were first posted at the end of September, 2012. The development will have a total of 31 total units.

I’ll be sure to provide another update once the project clears the permitting process.


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6 Comments on “3205 Georgia Working Through the Permitting Process, Could Begin Soon”

  1. Steve Davis Says:

    It’s hard to tell the materials in the rough sketch, but that looks like me like one of the best-looking buildings to debut on GA in quite a while. Looks like something more akin to some of the classy new buildings (and old restored ones) on 14th below U sprouting up all over the place. Love some of the detailing and the hard cornice at the top that you rarely see on new construction. Can’t wait to see more developed renderings.

    • Kent Says:

      The architects on this one are used to building in historic districts, so I wasn’t surprised by the design. I agree its going to be attractive. I’ll try to get a better image.

  2. Steve Davis Says:

    “looks TO me like….”

  3. egracon Says:

    On this kind of post would you mind mentioning the cross-street? I like to keep up on development in my old ‘hood but am overseas now and can’t picture where 3205 Georgia is. (And yes, I could Google it but I’m too lazy to do that on a regular basis.)

  4. Great blog, I really enjoyed it and found it very informative. Many thanks for posting it.

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