Residental Parking — Some Ins and Outs

New enhanced parking sign limiting parking to area residents only

New enhanced parking sign limiting parking to area residents only

Ever since the implementation of the enhanced residential parking program in Ward 1, I’ve been fielding questions about streets that do not have parking restrictions and concerns that the enforcement times do not extend later in the evenings or to weekends. The simple answer to these questions is that the new enhanced program merely reserves one side of qualifying streets for Ward 1 residents. All other parking rules remain the same — including the options available to residents to both implement and extend the residential parking program to their block.

As the DDOT Web site states, the “Residential Permit Parking (RPP) program was established in the 1970’s to protect neighborhoods and ensure residents could find parking on their blocks. The RPP program limits on-street parking to participating residents living on designated blocks, and parking is limited to two hours during the hours of operation for those vehicles without the appropriate zone RPP sticker.” DDOT has a brochure that answers frequently asked questions located here.

For a block to be included in the RPP program, the residents of that block must petition to be included in the program. DDOT will not impose parking restrictions on any block that does not request it via a petition to be included in the program. 51% of the qualifying households must sign the petition. Every block that is eligible for the program must meet the minimum criteria of seventy percent (70%) of all legal parking spaces occupied during business hours, of which at least ten percent (10%) must be occupied by vehicles with out-of-state tags. Regular hours of enforcement are from 7:00 am to 8:30 pm Monday through Friday.

For a block to extend parking enforcement to evening and weekends, again it is up to the residents on each block to decided if this is right for them. Residents can also decide how late the enforcement should be and if the enforcement should extend to Saturdays. If 51% of the residents on a block want to extend parking enforcement beyond 8:30 pm on weekdays, once again they must fill out a petition to extend parking enforcement.

So, while the recently implemented enhanced parking gives an advantage to Ward 1 residents parking in the area, it will not automatically extend hours of enforcement of implement enforcement where it did not previously exist. Area residents retain control over those parking options.


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