Sweet Mango Reopens — Unpermitted Work Under Review

As was noted on Monday by Dan Silverman on his blog, Sweet Mango Cafe has reopened.

Sweet Mango has been closed since August 4, 2012, when a fire in the kitchen area damaged the building. The fire was relatively small. The closure of Sweet Mango until this week, however, was not due to the fire but rather due to unpermitted construction at the restaurant.

Before DCRA issued a certificate of occupancy for Sweet Mango, three conditions needed to be met.

  1. They had to apply for the building permit for their unpermitted work;
  2. They cannot occupy the unpermitted area of the building without a new certificate of occupancy; and,
  3. The new ventilation hood needed to pass inspections.

These conditions have been satisfied.

The application and plans for the unpermitted work are currently being reviewed and have not yet been approved.


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One Comment on “Sweet Mango Reopens — Unpermitted Work Under Review”

  1. […] to ensure that recent construction was to code and permitted. Even after the restaurant’s November 28th reopening, there were still issues that needed to be address with ABRA regarding two violations of its […]

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