Wards 1 & 3 Spared from School Closure List

Yesterday, the long awaited list of proposed DCPS school closures and consolidations was released. The list did not contain any schools in Wards 1 or 3 among the 20 listed, although an erroneous list distributed about a week earlier on area listservs had listed both Cardozo and Bruce-Monroe @ Park View. Nearby MacFarland Middle School, in Petworth, was on the list. According to the plan, the middle school will be consolidated with adjacent Roosevelt Senior High School.

According to the D.C. Public Schools Web site, which has additional documentation about the closures, the reasoning behind the proposal to consolidate and reorganize schools is to ensure that:

  • Our programs will meet the diverse needs of our students.  We will offer a range of programs including, higher quality Career and Technical Education (CTE) opportunities across the city, special education services near the students who need them most, alternative settings for students who need extra help, and challenging offerings for advanced learners.
  • Our schools will be flexible, allowing for population growth and shifts and always ensuring that students have high-quality schools in their neighborhood as well as out-of -boundary options.
  • Our district will maximize opportunities for charter schools to complement the work we are doing.

Below is a video of D.C. Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson speaking about the reasoning behind the reorganization and what is hoped to be gained by it. Below the video is the list of schools identified for closure.


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