Rumblings of Possible Flea Market Coming to Georgia & Park Road

Park Rd. & Georgia Ave., NWAt last night’s Georgia Avenue Community Development Task Force meeting there was some discussion of the possibility that the 9th & U Street Flea Market is looking for a new location. I had previously heard some scuttlebutt that a flea market was being talked about on Georgia Avenue, but last night was the first time I’d heard of the empty lot at Park Road and Georgia being discussed as a location for the 9th & U Street market.

In following up with Sylvia Robinson, I was informed that the market “will be displaced by JBG” when their current site is redeveloped. The market organizers are talking to the owners of the empty lot to ascertain if if will support the market’s needs. But, the site is not perfect.

To begin with, the site is smaller than the 9th & U street lot meaning that there is room for fewer vendors. Also, over the summer area residents expressed concern to MPD on more than one occasion of drug dealing on the  600 block of Park Road. The drug dealing and loitering on Park Road were factors in New Commandment Baptist Church’s decision to sell its property and seek a new location in Maryland. The church has been located at 625 Park Road since 1995.

Lastly, there is the issue on whether or not the community will support this market if it moves to Park Road and Georgia. Several residents I’ve spoken to were straight forward in expressing their opposition to this market relocating to the community.

I’d like to hear from others, especially those familiar with the 9th & U street flea market. Would it be a good fit? To be successful, would it need to be a different mix of vendors than it currently has? Is there a better location for it? Please leave a comment.


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11 Comments on “Rumblings of Possible Flea Market Coming to Georgia & Park Road”

  1. mb Says:

    This is a horrible idea. That market is a disaster and has been known to deal in stolen items. It is not a farmers market or even a nice flea market like Eastern MArket on the weekend. It will contribute NOTHING to the revitalization of GA avenue. Kent, please start a petition against this market now in the community. My fear is that our Councilmember, who is notorious for back room “agreements” will support this and then present it as a done deal. I am writing to Graham now to express my total opposition to this today. If anyone else is concerned I suggest they do the same.
    Grahams email and his constituent services person Wilson can be reached at
    Our commercial area is making so much progress and this would be a major setback.

  2. JM Says:

    This is a no-brainer, and I think almost all residents would oppose the flea market relocating to the neighborhood. Given the number of MD license plates you see at the 9th and U market, I’d suggest that something along NY Avenue would be much more convenient for all concerned.

  3. Dave Says:

    The Park View section of GA Avenue has lots of potential and some good things are happening. But a flea market of junk goods would be a significant step backward. I’m strongly opposed.

  4. pru Says:

    Add my voice to the opposition to the relocation of that awful sight into the middle of our neighborhood. I would sign a petition opposing it.

  5. K Says:

    Completely opposed and feel this is a very bad location for it.

  6. Melissa Says:

    I am also against it. I would prefer a longer-term solution to this lot.

  7. Cliff Says:

    Not into it at all. Would be a step in the wrong direction for Ga Ave.

  8. AL Says:

    Terrible idea! That market would not be a step in the right direction for ParkView or lower GA ave development.

  9. K Says:

    Is there a way to start gathering opposition support (i.e. a petition) to send the message before more consideration of the site occurs?

  10. Irving Says:

    Also strongly opposed. This market is awful.

  11. Henry gi Says:

    Terrible idea. Let us know if there is something folks could do to help let the community’s view be known.

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