ANC 1A10 Race Just Got More Interesting

With less than 5 days before the November 6th election, I was surprised to see an unflattering article in the Washington Post about ANC 1A10 Commissioner Lenwood Johnson. According to the article, Johnson has misused his government issued cell phone to make calls for political and personal purposes, including frequent calls to adults-only chat lines.

This news certainly isn’t going to help Johnson in his re-election bid for the 1A10 seat … especially with him having a strong challenger this in candidate Anthony Cimino.


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5 Comments on “ANC 1A10 Race Just Got More Interesting”

  1. gotryit Says:

    You’re being too kind when you say you’re surprised. This is Lenwood ”Bitchassness” Johnson. He’s you’re typical DC politician type, he’s just not as good at the misbehaving.

    • Kent Says:

      Poor choice of words. I’m not surprised by the behavior, but I wasn’t expecting to see an article like this in the Post right now either.

  2. Dave Says:

    From the stories I’ve heard about Lenwood Johnson, this Post article doesn’t really surprise me. If ANC 1A is unfortunate enough to have this guy reelected, ANC 1A should demand that he surrounder his commission-supplied phone. Even if the added phone costs were minor, my ANC 1A funds should not be enabling this guy’s apparent addiction to adult sex lines.

  3. K Says:

    What a clown, this guy needs to go and quickly. It is a shame that he doesn’t respect the position or the people who elected him

  4. Angry Parakeet Says:

    We just received a flyer from him yesterday. What an unknowedgeble oaf he is. An ANC member is going to lower our PEPCO and gas bills? And do we need more dedicated parking for senior citizens? More frequent trash removal? I only agree with fines for dog owners not picking up. But we already have the laws and they aren’t enforced.

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