Early Voting Has Rough Start, Resumes Today, What Are Your Thoughts on At-Large Candidates?

I was very dismayed last Saturday morning when I started to get phone calls from upset residents who reported to me how truly messed up, under supported, and unprepared the DC Board of Elections and Ethics was when early voting began throughout the District’s eight wards. The wait at the Columbia Heights Community Center (1480 Girard Street) was over an hour at the start of the day and grew to more than a two hour wait for some voters. In disgust, some would-be voters left without voting.

Then, when Sandy threatened the east coast early voting was cancelled on Monday and Tuesday. It resumed this morning with extended hours. Early voting locations will be open between 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. today.

While I’m sure that all of these kinks and delays will be/have been sorted out, I do want to urge anyone that attempted to vote over the weekend and left to return this week or vote on November 6th. Not voting won’t impact the national election, but it does have a significant impact on our local races, particularly with the At-Large and ANC races.

Which brings me to the question of the at-large candidates. Each voter gets to vote for two candidates. I highly favor David Grosso for one of my votes but am undecided on the other vote. Of the candidates, who do you think are the best choices to represent us on the council?


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3 Comments on “Early Voting Has Rough Start, Resumes Today, What Are Your Thoughts on At-Large Candidates?”

  1. Denis James Says:

    Will you publish the poll results?


  2. Byron Says:

    If you really want Grosso to win, I recommend either spoiling/abstaining on your second vote or voting for a non-Michael Brown, non-Vincent Orange candidate. Those are the top-two likely vote-getters, and by casting a second vote for them, you’re likely boosting the chances that Grosso will place third and thus lose an at-large seat.

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