New Crosswalks Added to Intersection of Georgia & New Hampshire Aves.

Installation of faux brick crosswalk on Georgia Avenue

Area residents may have noticed that the intersection of Georgia and New Hampshire/Rock Creek Church Road became a little more attractive over the weekend. For a good amount of time on Saturday a crew was enhancing the crosswalks with a faux brick appearance. For me, it was kind of interesting to watch.

I have to admit, I am completely ignorant of the process and materials that were being used — though I know I can call DDOT and find out quickly enough should it come to that. But, from watching the process it appeared that brick colored sheets were placed over the existing asphalt, then the brick imprint and top coat were added to make the crosswalk look like actual brick.

While I know that many may think that this is purely aesthetic, decorative crosswalks also yield safety benefits. The color, which is typically burnt red, helps to calm traffic by making the crosswalk easily distinguishable from the street pavement and are intended to draw more attention to the crosswalk.

For me, I’d just be happy if they helped keep stopped cars out of the crosswalk while pedestrians have the walk light.

Crosswalk installation in progress, showing the before, during, and after views


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2 Comments on “New Crosswalks Added to Intersection of Georgia & New Hampshire Aves.”

  1. Steve Davis Says:

    We crossed ’em on our way to church Sunday morning and we were trying to figure out a) when they went in and what they were made out of. They definitely look a bit like real bricks and not like the usual stamped concrete. I was guessing some sort of sheets on our way back home after seeing the edge where they hit the brick gutters. Very cool! A nice addition to the intersection and definitely a safety enhancement.

    Relatedly, we were wondering: why wasn’t the gross dusty trash filled triangle in front of the CVS included in the Great Streets project around the metro that put in the new pavers and belgian block, etc? I know it’s tough to keep grass growing there which makes it a much more logical place for pavers and a great tree box, right? Any chance of that happening?,-77.024394&spn=0.000573,0.001155&sll=37.6,-95.665&sspn=39.541823,75.673828&t=h&hnear=Georgia+Ave+NW+%26+New+Hampshire+Ave+NW,+Washington,+District+of+Columbia+20010&z=20

    • Kent Says:

      I’m actually working on a project to beautify that triangle since it wasn’t included in the great streets project.

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