Have Goat & Camera, Ready for Your Close Up!

Here’s something fun to end the week. Several months ago, there were a couple of people taking photographs of our row of houses. In starting up a conversation with them, it became known that they were children of the woman that grew up in 3674 Park Place.

One of the cool things about getting to know the son, Rick Tucker who lives in Alexandria, is that he has been gathering family photographs and several of them relate to Park View. Below are two of those photographs ca. 1926. According to Rick and his cousin LaVerne, apparently entrepreneurs visited with ponies and goats (with carts) to various neighborhoods in D.C. during the 1920s and  took photos of kids on them. They then sold the photos to the parents.

The first photographs shows Wilbur and Evelyn Tucker on a pony located on the north side of Quebec Place just west of Park Place, NW. The house in the background is 3664 Park Place.

1920s-late Wilbur and Evelyn Tucker on pony.jpg

The second photo is of Wilbur and Herbert Wagner in the side yard of 3674 Park Place, the childhood home of Evelyn (mother of Rick Tucker).

Date-unknown Wilbur + Herbert Wagner on cart with goat

Both photographs courtesy of Rick Tucker.


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