From Blighted to Community Asset, 732 Lamont Welcome Addition to the Neighborhood

It was only a year ago that 732 Lamont was on the DCRA blighted property list. Now, a full year later, the building has finished renovations — beautifully — and its units are officially on the market. The video below gives an idea of the fit and finish new residents can expect. Details, prices, and amenities are found here.


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3 Comments on “From Blighted to Community Asset, 732 Lamont Welcome Addition to the Neighborhood”

  1. imgoph Says:

    they turned the ENTIRE backyard into a parking lot? ugh.

    the realtor says it’s in columbia heights – shouldn’t it be pleasant plains?

    • Kent Says:

      The realtor is a little confused about neighborhoods around here … as are most realtors.

    • Howard Says:

      I agree about the backyard, but with all the ferocious dogs and random dudes back there all day and night it’s not like people who would buy these would spend time out there anyway.

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