Construction Continues at the Fisherman of Men Church

Alterations to the building’s main entrance on Georgia Avenue

The Fisherman of Men Church, located at 3641 Georgia Avenue in the former York Theater, is continuing its building remodeling project. At present, the church is working on the main entrance to the building.

I’ve been scratching my head on this project for a while as there has been very little information shared with me by the church and I wasn’t entirely sure about their vision. I now have a much better idea due to a postcard that was found on the ground while walking the community (below). Aesthetically, it doesn’t appear that there are any plans to significantly alter the exterior of the church, which I appreciate. Although, the design rendering also appears to remove the upper roof (probably not something that will actually be done) and to add a giant video screen to the roof.

From a practical standpoint, however, I still have a significant concern with the work being done at the entrance of the building mostly due to the serious crack in the brick and bow to the wall that exists between the entrance and the first arch. Structurally, this should have been addressed and stabilized prior to the concrete board, foam, and stucco that is being applied over it. Failure to do this prior to the new work in front of it will just lead to a larger problem in the future.

This postcard provides an idea of what the updated Fisherman of Men church could look like


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9 Comments on “Construction Continues at the Fisherman of Men Church”

  1. Henry gi Says:

    Somehow i have my doubts

  2. K Says:

    It says on the postcard “2011 Final Renovation”…it’s almost 2013 now

  3. Clayton Says:

    They should sell this place to a theater company – maybe second run, independent films, or even live performances – for it to be restored back to its former theater days. The congregation should purchase the New Commandment Baptist Church and move there – it is actually a church with parking.
    While I appreciate they are trying to improve this place, it is clear they don’t have the funds for even basic maintenence. This is a prime piece of real estate and relocation could fund their congregation for a generation.

  4. K Says:

    True Clayton, that is an interesting scenario. Maybe you could suggest this to them and connect them with the New Commandment Baptist Church so everyone can benefit?

  5. joe Says:

    it seems like a bad decision to be building a church in this area especially with the demographic change that is happening. wont the church end of moving to maryland in 10 years anyway?

  6. Tom Gallo Says:

    The sensible thing to do is for these people to me to Prince George’s County

  7. pru Says:

    That space seems made for an indoor farmers market, which we don’t have enough of in DC.

  8. Zenaslaw Says:

    The September 27, 2012 Hearing on Involuntary Historic Designation was cancelled indefinitely. The paper says it may be held in November 2012. This is gentrification. New residents dictating to old residents that they are not wanted and must leave.
    Why file the Historic Designation against the Church with no prior notice?

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