Old Soldiers’ Home Closer to Developing Irving & North Capitol Parcel

According to an article that was published Friday, September 7, in the Washington Business Journal, the Armed Forces Retirement Home is once again considering offering part of the Old Soldiers’ Home to developers. To paraphrase from the article — according to chief operating officer, Steve McManus, the appraisal of the 77-acre portion of the campus by North Capitol and Irving streets was due at the end of August. The results of that appraisal will help the AFRH to determine whether to offer the parcel up under a long-term lease, or retain the property until the market is stronger.

This is the second time that the Irving and North Capitol parcel has been considered for development. The first was in 2007 under a long-term lease with the Federal government. That plan called for more than 4 million square feet of new development, including 2,500 residential units, retail featuring a grocery store and 20 acres of parkland. That deal eventually fell apart.

The article continues:

This time around, the campus is just one of several large sites north of the District’s urban core being primed for a makeover. Catholic University of America has launched an ambitious makeover of its campus east of the Old Soldiers’ Home. Meanwhile, the Petworth [and Park View] area to the west has seen a surge in new revitalization efforts, and D.C. has tapped a team to help bring the McMillan Reservoir sand filtration plant through the approval process for a 25-acre mixed-use project to the southwest.


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2 Comments on “Old Soldiers’ Home Closer to Developing Irving & North Capitol Parcel”

  1. mb Says:

    What can be done to address the massive influx of traffic this will create in our neighborhood? I am specifically worried about cut through cut traffic on Warder from everyone trying to avoid GA avenue. We definitely need traffic calming, speed humps or a stop sign at Princeton and Warder.

  2. […] AFRH has been interested in developing this area of their campus for about a decade. Despite a few false starts, it seems the AFRH is now in a good position to get things moving again. The area open […]

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