School Enrollment Relatively Strong in Park View Area

With school closings still something Chancellor Henderson is considering in DCPS’s 5-year education plan, I was heartened to see that the elementary schools in the Park View area have strong enrollments. According to an article in the Washington Post published on August 21st, “overall, D.C. schools are operating at 75 percent capacity … and at least 21 schools have occupancy rates below 50 percent.” Low enrollment is often and indicator of potential school closures.

Park View’s elementary school has an enrollment of 102%

But in our corner of Ward 1/4, enrollments are over 80%. Harriet Tubman Elementary currently has an enrollment of 85%, Raymond Education Campus has an enrollment of 92%, and Bruce-Monroe at Park View has an enrollment of 102%.

While an increase in the area’s school-age children can explain some of the increases in enrollment … one can not ignore the impact that earlier school closings in the area have had on the enrollment of the remaining open schools.

Reviewing the interactive map of public and charter school enrollment on the Washington Post Web site provides an interesting picture on where enrollment is high and where it is low. I have provided a snapshot below, which will link to the maps at the Washington Post.

Areas in pink and maroon indicate lower school enrollments


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6 Comments on “School Enrollment Relatively Strong in Park View Area”

  1. anon Says:

    Thanks, Kent. Does anyone have any experience with Park View Elementary as a parent or know of a parent with children who have or are attending the school? As a prospective parent I have been very curious about the school. Following the renovations, the school looks like it is really is on the path to modernizing. Any experiences with teachers, administrators? Moreover, a broader question which perhaps Kent can turn into a posting in and of itself-where do Park View parents (those who frequent this blog) send or plan to send their children for school? DCPS? Charter? Private?

  2. mb Says:

    I would be curious about this school too. From what I have gathered from neighbors around Princeton (where there seem to be a LOT of young kids), all of them attend various charter schools. I was kind of surprised to see how high the enrollment of PV elem actually is. It must have a huge catchment area to the south. In dsicussing wtih other neighbors, I don’t hear anything positive about PV including a parent who said she would not feel comfortable sending her kid there for Pre-K. The school lacks diversity as well. We will be probably looking into charter schools in a few years.

  3. as Says:

    I would be happy to speak with you about the school if you are considering sending your child there. A lot of the younger Park View Kids Zone kids we work with attend Park View and we also work with several teachers from the school. I am there often. I always tell people reguarding any school don’t judge it until you personally go to school, meet the teachers, sit in on a class or two before you label it a horrible school. I know the numbers in DCPS aren’t the greatest, but that doesn’t always translate to bad education on behalf of the school. If you are involved in your childs education and an active parent your child might do great there. It just depends on your child and your own personal comfort level. I will personally send my children there, but that’s because I am very involved in the school and community here. If you would like to speak with me feel free to contact me at

  4. Rosa Says:

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