Bocce Coming to Park View This Fall

I found this interesting. Yesterday the DC Bocce League tweeted “NEWS FLASH: we’re officially playing at Park View Rec Center in Petworth [sic] on Saturdays this fall at 693 Otis Pl.” In looking at their Web site I see that indeed they have added the Park View Recreation Center as a Bocce location during their fall schedule. With the new multipurpose field this should be an ideal location.

The Web site continues that “[r]egistration is NOW OPEN for the Fall 2012 seasons of Premier and Outdoor divisions! Games begin on the week of September 17th and conclude the week of November 12th. Click the registration link at the top of the page to join the division of your choice.” You can find all the leagues, dates and locations listed here, and find the one in our community listed under Saturday: CoHi/Petworth Outdoor.

I’m really liking this development. Do you think there are enough people in the Park View area to make a Bocce league successful here?


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10 Comments on “Bocce Coming to Park View This Fall”

  1. Cliff Says:

    This is kinda funny to me. I wanted to join the DC Bocce league and talked to them during the Italian fest downtown. They were not very friendly and only interested in getting girls involved, so I was actually going to start a Bocce league at the rec center (but haven’t had time). Maybe I’ll give them another chance given this development.

  2. mb Says:

    I played in this league but at a Capitol Hill location (while I was living in Columbia Heights). They will get a lot of people from nearby neighborhoods, not just ours. Its a fun activity, very social and its great to see more people using the park in the evening. I suspect that DC Reynolds will see a huge surge in business as well after each game…

  3. as Says:

    Does anyone know the times? This will not allow PVKZ to use the park on Saturday’s if it’s during the day. Sorry I’m having a hard time being excited about this if it’s every Saturday.. Doubt many from our neighborhood will join this, a very small percentage. Totally not against new things and people there, just not cool if it pushes kids out..

    • Kent Says:

      The new site manager, Craig Hughes, should know the schedule. I’ll ask him if you don’t get an answer first.

  4. Cliff Says:

    I think the kids will still be able to use the play ground, workout area, basketball court, and building. It’s great to see a variety of activities at the rec center.

  5. imgoph Says:

    Please tell me you told them that the rec center is not in Petworth. Please.

    • Kent Says:

      I told them, the laughed and said it was named after the Metro stop and bar location. I asked about the bar, and was told they haven’t picked it yet. When looking at their schedule, it was originally listed as CoHi/Petworth. Again I asked them to consider changing the listing and they did … they removed CoHi and now its Petworth only. It’s not an impressive start for them.

      • as Says:

        Then if they want a Petworth league let them do it at Petworth Rec…Have times been confirmed yet? PVKZ is going to have to figure out alternatives for Saturdays if they will be there all afternoon. The point of Fun Saturdays is to bring positive adults to do positive activities for the kids in PV. We do that through playing group games like wiffleball, kickball, tag, etc. PVKZ no longer has access to the buildings and without the field, which with the amount of people it will bring they’ll take over more than just thhe feild, we won’t have space for Fun Saturdays. If this takes over the park all day for a group of people who mostly don’t live here & can’t even respect the name of the community then I’ll be upset & so will many residents who participate in Fuun Saturday’s. If it is what it is we’ll figure out something for the kids to do.

      • julesONPrinceton Says:

        Since they are basing so much on the metro stop, I hope this means they encourage taking the train versus driving with the limited parking on Princeton Pl.

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