New Commandment Baptist Church Puts Property on the Market

The New Commandment Baptist Church at 625 Park Road is currently on the market for $3,500,000 and includes the parking lot and rowhouse to the west

Here’s some news that is sure to have a major impact on Park View. A reader alerted me a week ago that both the New Commandment Baptist Church’s main property at 625 Park Road and their property at 608-610 Newton Place were placed on the real estate market on August 2, 2012. This is a huge change in direction for the church, which once had hopes of building a job training facility next to the church.

Location of the church property on Park Road, NW

In contacting the church, they confirmed that they have listed all of their property in the area. According to the church, the District government has made remaining in the community challenging, which led the congregation to vote to relocate rather than to continue the battles. They did not go into detail on exactly what those challenges are, but I suspect that the listing of 610 Newton on the blighted property list in March 2012 is part of it.

Both properties are large and will significantly change the character of their blocks no matter what a new owner might decide to do. Both properties are also zoned residential. The Park Road property includes the church, parking lot, and rowhouse to the west of the parking lot and has been listed at $3.5M.

Offered at $1,500,000, the property at 608-610 Newton includes the large lot behind it for a total of 11,277 sq ft of property

However, it is the property at 608-610 Newton Place that I find the more intriguing. It is listed at $1.5M and not only includes the shell of the former apartment building at 610, but also includes the large empty lot behind the properties. More notably, 610 Newton has also been a nuisance location over the years. With the potential to not only rehabilitate the property but also increase its footprint with an addition to the rear anything that happens on this site will be a huge game changer for the 600 block of Newton Place.

These are definitely properties to keep an eye on.

610 Newton Place

The listing for 610 Newton Place includes the large vacant lot behind the property


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15 Comments on “New Commandment Baptist Church Puts Property on the Market”

  1. Angry Parakeet Says:

    Not only is this the “game changer” for that area, think of the taxes the city can collect when development occurs and this is no longer a non-tax paying (church) owner.

  2. M.D. Says:

    The church would make lovely condos!

  3. mb Says:

    This is awesome news. Those properties are eyesores and that certainly isn’t the governments fault. Glad to see the blighted tax rate is working!

  4. Joanne Sincero Says:

    I’m glad to see that something will happen with the properties on Newton, but I’m a little sad to hear about the church. I walk by there daily and they have a nice garden and a food distribution program for people. I think it’s kind of held that block together. But I’m sure that street will change with Park Morton going away. Dare I say fewer condos and more development to the scale of the neighborhood? We can only take one of that monstrosity on the corner of Warder and Luray.

    • Howard Says:

      Speaking of the monstrosity at 471 Luray place it’s no longer on the market and I don’t see anyone living there. I wonder what’s happening with that disaster.

      • mb Says:

        I thought the house and one of the condos sold already on Luray/Warder?

      • Howard Says:

        The house sold but I hadn’t seen any movement or signs of occupation in the condos. Maybe they sold but looking on-line it just says the listings have been removed not sold.

      • ctk Says:

        Per FranklyMLS, it looks like unit B went under contract on 7/13, and unit A was just listed yesterday (open house Sunday).

  5. 1st Cav Says:

    Properties at 608 aND 610 Newton went to settlement on 11/2/2012. That is last week, They sold together for a price 0f $1,425,000.

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  10. Who owns the property and how do I get a hold of them?

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