Urban Turf Blog Profiles the Park View Neighborhood

While the map of Park View on Urban Turf did a better job than most of portraying the neighborhood, it ignored relevant parts of the neighborhood west of Georgia Avenue.

For readers who may have missed this, the Park View neighborhood made its debut on the Urban Turf blog last Friday. Nearby neighborhoods like Columbia Heights or Petworth have had profiles available on the blog for years (and in some cases, been updated since their first appearance). Overall, I thought it was a great effort and nice to see the neighborhood get recognition.

Upon reading the profile, I felt that the it was positive. To be expected, there was some minor text here and there that I didn’t wholeheartedly agree with, but that is to be expected on any neighborhood profile in Washington. I chalk such things up to the unfamiliarity of our neighborhoods to many of those that don’t live in a neighborhood they are writing about.

However, if there were one area where I would like to see Urban Turf improve upon in the future it would be to recognize that many residents west of Georgia Avenue have a natural affinity with the Park View community. This is not only true north of Park Road (which is within the historical boundaries of the neighborhood) but also to the south.

Still, overall the profile is a significant development and I believe that as the neighborhood becomes better known some of the smaller details will shake out in future profiles.


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