Election Season Opens for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners

Ward 1 map showing 2013 ANC and SMD boundaries

Advisory Neighborhood Commissions are a uniquely D.C. component of local government. For those currently serving as commissioners — or deciding to toss their hat into the ring for the first time — yesterday began the biennial election cycle.

Starting at 8:30 a.m., the Board of Elections and Ethics began handing out ANC nomination petitions. The petitions are due by the close of business on Wednesday, August 8th. In order to qualify to be on the November 6th ballot, a minimum of 25 registered voters from a given Single Member District need to sign the petition for an ANC candidate. The map above shows the new ANC and SMD boundaries that will be in effect beginning on January 1, 2013.

As in past elections, some races tend to be hotly contended, others are unopposed, and still others have no one running at all.

Cecilia Jones, President of the  Northwest Columbia Heights Community Association, sent out (in part) the following in a call for candidates on the Columbia Heights Listserv:

The Advisory Neighborhood Commission is a political structure in DC where one Commissioner represents a Single Member District (SMD) [of] about 2,000 residents. Each of DC’s 8 Wards have at least 4 Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (e.g., 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D). Each Commission has about 8 to 10 Commissioners. On November 6th, nearly 300 Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners will be elected to represent DC’s neighborhoods.

Have you ever considered running for public office? Would you like to become your neighborhood’s ANC? Or would you like to support a candidate who is already running, or encourage someone you know to run? What we must NOT do is refuse to act now and complain later.

Important 2012 Dates:

July 9th  – Nominating Petitions are available.
August 8th – Nominating Petitions are due. Petition Requirements: 25 signatures of registered voters from the candidate’s Single Member District.
November 6th – General Election for ANC Commissioners and other races

**Note: ANCs are non-partisan so there is no primary, just the General Election on November 6th. The position of Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner is unpaid, and can be very demanding.

Please talk about the upcoming ANC election among your neighbors and friends. Please go to the next ANC Meeting in your area: http://anc.dc.gov/anc/site/default.asp


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2 Comments on “Election Season Opens for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners”

  1. Kim Roberts Says:

    Are the numbers underneath each Advisory area the population of that area? (And if so, what are those numbers based on? Census numbers? Tax rolls?) Thanks!

    • Kent Says:

      The numbers underneath each SMD are how many people live in each district. The numbers are based on the 2010 census and include all residents. Each SMD is to be as close to 2,000 people as possible. While the map above is labeled “DRAFT”, it is exactly the same as the map I was given yesterday by the DCBOEE so it does reflect the new boundaries.

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