Park View Renovations Complete — Field, Playground, Reopen at 2 p.m. Today!

** UPDATE: 6/15/12 3:30 p.m. — OPENING DELAYED UNTIL MONDAY @ 9:00 a.m.**

(The reopening has been delayed until Monday, June 18th, at 9:00 a.m. Inspection of the park this morning discovered that a few of the new surfaces had not cured — but all is set to be in order by Monday morning)

One of three new bike racks at the recreation center

At long last, the renovations of the Park View Recreation Center’s athletic field, basketball court, playground, and other areas are complete and ready for fun! After a walk through in the morning to inspect the work, the gates will be open at 2 p.m. this afternoon (6/15/12) and it will be open to the public. (9:00 a.m. on Monday, June 18th)

Actually, the renovations will be about 99% done when the park opens tomorrow. Some small details, like a number of the new signs, will not have their final versions in place yet, but I’m sure that won’t stop use of the basketball court, soccer area, or playground.

Knowing that the fencing is still a concern in some areas, I’m still attempting to find some resolution on that issue as well. The fence along Newton Place is only four feet tall which will neither stop stray basketballs nor prevent people from hopping the fence when the field is closed. Also, DPR determined that it was too cost prohibitive to move the fencing at the corner of Princeton Place and Warder Street. Due to this, they plan to install a metal ridge on the concrete walls in front of the fence instead. This is intended to discourage people from sitting on the wall.

But the loss of seating along the perimeter is more than made up by the new seating and game tables centrally located between the playground and athletic fields.

Below are photos of the new park.

View of the new playground from the northwest

New sod has been planted between the pool and the adult exercise area near Warder and Princeton

Beneath shade structures, new tables, including three game tables, have been installed between the playground and the athletic field/court

New adult exercise area, located at the intersection of Princeton and Warder

The new, regulation size basketball court is located along Otis Place

The much reduced athletic field is still large enough for a good soccer game


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14 Comments on “Park View Renovations Complete — Field, Playground, Reopen at 2 p.m. Today!”

  1. John H. Says:

    Beautiful. I can’t resist a comment about the sod. Time and again I have seen DC put down beautiful sod and then abandon and ignore it, only to see grass turn brown and then to dirt. What are the odds that Rec center staff or someone in city could actually water and care for that lovely new grass — and cut it with regularity?

  2. as Says:

    It looks great! I was happy to see they put in an irragation system for all the plantings, so no one needs to worry about watering. The grass looks nice and I hope they cut it in a timely manor unlike in the past. The PVKZ kids are pumped, since they’ve had no playground all spring! I am proud that some of the teens and kids showed up to one of the planning meetings and told them not to have 2 basketball courts, but pushed for the big playground, which was not in the original plans!

  3. as Says:

    We’ve been waiting for it to open, but around 3pm they told us it will not until Monday..The kids are disappointed.

    • JulesONprinceton Says:

      Well, people have been using the basketball courts all night. Even right now. So, no the fencing and/or supervision of the facility isn’t working.

  4. Dee Says:

    Was trying to see the park and a employee as soon he see me just tell me that get out.! just like that, helloooo I just want information, please tell your employees that be nice.

  5. Brett Says:

    Anyone know if dogs are allowed? Didn’t see a sign….

  6. JulesONprinceton Says:

    Well, tomorrow’s grand opening was celebrated a day early. Nice to see everyone enjoying the field. Still concerned about enforcement of the rules. It’s 9:30 and the basketball games continue in the dark. I thought the closing time was 9pm?

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