Initial Experience Using SeeClickFix is Favorable

Back in April I posted about SeeClickFix and the ability to report issues needing city attention to the citywide 311 call center through it. What I was most interested in at the time was how effective it might be. Here’s what I’ve found so far.

Graffiti requests on public property are taken care of quickly, generally within two or three days. I have had two instances where the ticket was closed without any actual work being done … but was able to have the issue addressed on the second time around.

Reported dead trees are marked quickly, also within a day or two. Requests for new trees are acknowledged, but as new trees are not planted until the late fall and winter, it is presumed that it will work well.

Sign replacement requests can be on the slow side (several weeks) … but they do tend to happen. My requests to replace signs faded beyond usefulness were fulfilled as were requests to replace missing traffic and street signs.

Has anyone else used this service? If so, what has your experience been? What works, what doesn’t work?


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One Comment on “Initial Experience Using SeeClickFix is Favorable”

  1. imgoph Says:

    I wish it would work with my (old) smartphone. I could submit so many more requests if I had newer technology!

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