Newly Reopened Park View Rec Refocusing on Community

Last evening’s community meeting at the Park View Recreation Center focused primarily on exploring larger, community events to be held there. The annual Ty Hop Basketball Tournament is still on schedule and represents one such event, but not everyone enjoys basketball or participates in the event. So, last night’s meeting focused on brainstorming other options to pursue that would be of interest to other members of the neighborhood.

One idea that took root was to organize a Park View Family Day to coincide with the ribbon cutting ceremony reopening the renovated field. The idea is to create a day of games, music, and food to begin after the ceremonies are over.If successful, there is no reason why this event couldn’t become an annual event.

With the field project on schedule to be completed at the end of June, this is clearly going to be an event that needs a lot of planning and participation in a short period of time. A follow-up meeting to focus on pulling it together is scheduled for next Thursday, May 24th. Residents willing to roll up their sleeves and help make this happen are encouraged to come to the next meeting or contact DPR’s Ward 1&2 Manager, Gayle Ward (gayle.ward (at)


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One Comment on “Newly Reopened Park View Rec Refocusing on Community”

  1. as Says:

    I think a Park View Family Day would be nice! The best thing about this community is it is really like a family. I always tell people Park View is like living in a small village in the middle of the city. A day to celebrate with neighbors would be great!

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