Lost Dog — Do You Recognize?

Does anyone recognize this dog? It was found near the intersection of Luray and Warder last night (Thursday, May 10) early in the evening.  There were no tags and the person currently caring for it adds “appears a bit dirty and frazzled.  Somewhat friendly.”

Please contact me if you know how to reunite the owner with their pet.


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6 Comments on “Lost Dog — Do You Recognize?”

  1. stevedavis78 Says:

    I may be totally off, but I feel like I’ve seen that dog with a family on the west side of Illinois/4th Street in the block north of Randolph. A Latin family that lives in one of those 2-3 houses there before 4th crosses Illinois. I might stop by today and ask if anyone is missing a dog.

  2. Sara Says:

    Any word? I have a neighbor around the corner on Lamont who has a dog that looks just like that and often gets out.

  3. Lyn Says:

    Found Dog Update:
    We have put up a lot of signs around the neighborhood and checked listings for lost dogs, but no one has claimed her. Have not seen any lost-dog signs that look like her. We took her to the vet and she seems fairly healthy, though a bit under-weight. Probably 1-3 years old. She is unspayed, not housetrained, and did not seem to have ever been groomed, so we are not impressed with whoever had her before. At this point we are planning to keep her!

    • Sara Says:

      Oh good! My neighbor’s dog is ancient, so doesn’t sound like a match. This is exactly how we ended up with our 3rd dog!! Good luck!

    • Taylor Says:

      Excellent !!! This dog is beautiful, looks like a maltese and they are precious dogs. I agree, the owner had no regard for this animal. It would be nice if you could post current pix of her.

      Good job — Good deed, you will be blessed.

      Take care.

  4. JulesonPrinceton Says:

    That’s no minor effort on your part…awesome to hear that you can keep her. When we moved to Park View 2 years ago we only had one dog. Now we have three cats and one dog after taking in Park View strays.

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