Mowing Contract Signed, DGS Now Tending Public Green Spaces

The mowing of Reservation 321-A

At long last, the Reservations in the vicinity of Rock Creek Church Road, Quincy, and Park Place were finally mowed last Friday. This was after a lot of public pressure and work — most notably from ANC Commissioner Robert H. Mandle (4C10) — who took to the listservs and Twitter keeping this issue in the forefront. The unseasonably warm weather coupled with the lack of a signed maintenance contract had allowed most of the District’s small parks to have grass far in excess of the 10″ limit.

It’s also possible that there was some confusion on responsibility with the Reservations in particular. Many, such as Farragut Square or Grant Circle, are owned by the Federal Government and maintained by the National Park Service. Others, like Reservation 321-A at Rock Creek Church Road and Park Place are owned by the Federal Government with management and maintenance transferred to the District.

Moving forward, our local Reservations will now be on a regularly maintenance cycle.

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5 Comments on “Mowing Contract Signed, DGS Now Tending Public Green Spaces”

  1. DAve Says:

    Woohoo! 🙂 I’m glad the city finally got its act together. The city is fortunate we had a dry spring, otherwise, conditions would have been much worse. If there was confusion over responsibility, it was the city’s fault. Hasn’t this arrangement has been in place for some time now? The management arrangement should be well documented by this time and routinely passed on to the mowing contractors on an annual basis.

  2. stevedavis78 Says:

    Did the city actually sign the contract? I saw DDOT crews mowing on Friday, which means that they didn’t have a private contractor in place to do it then — unless they decided to just go ahead if it was going to take them a week or so to get to it. So I hope that contract is indeed done by now.

    Rob and I were talking about organizing on our own for the reservation at Quincy and 5th to improve the space beyond what DGS would do. Talk to him about it soon.

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  4. […] City didn't have a grass cutter until recently? [ParkViewDC] […]

  5. Tom in Michigan Park Says:

    FINALLY. The grass in several of our triangle parks is completely overgrown here in otherwise lovely Michigan Park. The Michigan Park Citizens Association has worked incredibly hard to enhance our public parks, planting 83 trees with Casey Trees over the past two years, hosting park clean-ups, and tending the flower beds.

    For Mayor Gray’s administration and dysfunctional bureaucracy to let something as simple as a mowing contract flounder is completely unacceptable. Alas, we’re not surprised…

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