Yes!, and No for Development at Bruce Monroe Site

The Washington City Paper reported some very early interest in retail development on the Georgia Avenue side of the Bruce Monroe Park site. While the immediate future of the land remains a public park and community garden, there were development bids from October 2010.

From the WCP article…

… Adrian Washington … still dreams of developing the three-acre site. His current thinking is this: Build on only about a third of the space, putting retail on Georgia Avenue and apartments above, while leaving the rest of it as a park. Yes! Organic Market owner Gary Cha is very interested in taking part of the commercial space, given that it’s just far enough away from his Petworth location to be viable …

… the problem with this whole process—the city, with its hands full of more pressing projects, has zero desire to move quickly on this one. That could come from a lack of willingness to tangle with the kind of neighborhood politics that gave rise to picketing the last time anything happened at Bruce Monroe …

… Washington says he wouldn’t need direct subsidies to make something happen there—just a break on the price of the land. If it got built, he’d like to kick some of the proceeds back to the park that would remain on the majority of the site, which currently has little in the way of programming or infrastructure …


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