Wangari Gardens Breaks Ground

The first community workday and community meeting for the new park and garden bordering the Park View neighborhood was well attended on Sunday, March 18, 2012.

The workday started at 11 a.m. with many hands of all ages helping to construct raised beds for individual garden plots. At 5 p.m., the Community Interest Meeting hosted about 50+ attendees.

Topics included:
Keeping the property public, yet with more “specific-use” purposes
Having some open space (kicking soccer ball, throwing frisbee, etc.)
Siting a dog park
Planting fruits – non-native or native (figs, paw paws)
Installing a rain catchment system (to defray water costs)
Keeping bees on-site
Retention of through path (that currently bi-sects the property)

Park Place NW between Kenyon & Irving Streets (February 2012)

(March 18, 2012)

View more workday photos on Wangari Gardens’ Facebook page.

March 24th & 25th are scheduled follow-up workdays. Stay updated by joining their email list.


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One Comment on “Wangari Gardens Breaks Ground”

  1. Jason Says:

    Happy to learn about the new community garden and I wish it all the best. I do have a comment to make.

    I understand the name “Wangari Gardens” has a catchy ring to it, but I think it would be more respectful to honor the esteemed Nobel Peace Prize Winner with a tribute garden using her last name, Maathai. I just think some people could interpret “Wangari Gardens” as caricaturization or disrespectful. Honorifics and a person’s name are each very important and I feel like Nobel Prize Winners, deceased individuals, and older members of a community deserve a high level of respect.

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