Recap from the DPR Park View Rec Center Renovation Meeting (3/8/12)

When the DPR design team showed up at the Park View Recreation Center last night to present their design for the center’s outdoor improvements, it had been about eight months since their last meeting with the community. Overall, the concept plan, shown below, closely mirrors the design in the RFP issued in September 2012. The scope of the $1.5M project has grown since it was first presented in May 2011 to include the current basketball court and the existing playground at Princeton and Warder. The work is schedule to begin in March 2012 with a finish date of June 18th.
Below is a birds-eye view of the concept plan showing the playground and Adult Exercise Equipment area that will replace the basketball court and playground.

There was a lot of discussion in the meeting about the need for a grassy area and too much hardscape, possibly moving the adult exercise area (which didn’t sound likely), moving the game tables (which did sound likely), and including more trees. I also asked the design team to include some neighborhood specific element such as an information board or educational component that would tie the renovated site to the community. I referred to the excellent job DPR had done with the renovations to the park at 11th & Monroe and asked that Park View receive no less. This request was received favorably.

Before the meeting was over, DPR indicated that they would have to incorporate the feedback from the community into their plan, but they didn’t see any changes having an impact on their timetable since much of the early work is with the infrastructure. DPR also agreed to share a PDF copy of the detailed working drawings with me which I will make available to the community upon receipt.


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7 Comments on “Recap from the DPR Park View Rec Center Renovation Meeting (3/8/12)”

  1. Alana Says:

    It looks great! I still don’t understand the adult equipment but who knows maybe it’ll be great. Will there be shades provided for the playground? It doesn’t look like there are any trees in that area.

    • Kent Says:

      DPR is to add more trees to the site and said they would include some shade sails for the playground are. I told them that they needed some type of shade for the playground for at least 10 years since newly planted trees will only provide shade in the future.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Any news on what is happening to the tennis courts? And there is only one basketball court right? Why are they adding game tables? Those tend to only bring in drunks who sit around them and smoke (at least that was the case with old 11th & Monroe Street park). Any idea what will be in the community center?


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  4. Lolly 716 Says:

    I saw in the newsletter a reference to a DDOT study request to look at the closure of Otis between the rec center and the school. My family and other residents of the 700 block of Otis are very concerned about how this would affect our street. I’d be happy to host a meeting with block residents and any decision-making officials before that goes any further. The only way I personally could support the closure is if 6th street were extended to connect Otis to Princeton along the back side of the rec center.

  5. […] of many meetings to focus on much needed improvements. The facility also will be closed until the athletic field renovations are done in mid-June. The majority of those present agreed that this was a good approach. While […]

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